[Tournament Update] Inter Cafe Championship Bangalore Season 1

Nishant Patel

4th, Aug, 2014
Four qualifiers of the Inter Cafe Championship Bangalore have concluded and as a result, four teams have successfully secured their slots at the Main Event.

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Qualifier 1 - Netzone Esports
Winner : Team Full Meals
Runner Up : Team Blacklist
Inter Cafe Championship Netzone Finals
Team Full Meals crushed their way through the Netzone qualifier without dropping a single game. The finals lasted a total of 16 minutes.

Qualifier 2 - Illusion Gaming

Winner : Peic3 of Cake
Runner Up : Chainsmokers
Inter Cafe Championship - Illusion Gaming Qualifier Finals

Team PoC went through the qualifiers to the main event without dropping a single game. Chainsmokers looked promising throughout their climb back into the grand finals however a 21 - 1 - 15 Tinker played by EzyPzy.Milk thwarted any hopes of a recovery.

Quaifier 3 - Antharal Gamebridge

Winner : The Wooden Monkeys
Runner Up : Global Gamers
Antharal Gamebridge Qualifier Finals

This was the second attempt for many players from Global Gamers. Despite getting off some sick plays in the mid game, The Wooden Monkeys eventually backed team GG into a corner and sealed the deal around 59 minutes into the game. Timbersaw and Tinker courtesy Fortune<3RTz and Heisenberg stole the show.

Qualifier 4 - ESC Gaming

Winner : Team Outdoor
Runner Up : Team Excaliburs
ESC Gaming Finals - Game 1

Team Outdoor fought their way through the lower bracket to find themselves facing off against Team Excaliburs who had a one game advantage.

Some very polished team coordination and early game domination saw Team Outdoor secure the win in the first game. The most noteworthy play was the efficiency displayed by supports to stack neutral and ancient camps for Tinker resulting in a 10 to 12 minute bottle, soul ring and blink dagger on R0om4.GaNaA.

ESC Gaming Qualifier Finals Game 2

The finals moved onto to a game 3 where Team Outdoor pulled out a straight up in your face push strategy. Flawless execution and seamless team play saw them take a 20 minute win off the favourites as Outdoor are now the fourth team to make it through to the main event of the Inter Cafe Championship - Bangalore.

What's Next?

Plenty more Indian Dota 2 action awaits as the next qualifier will be taking place at Gamerz Colosseum on the 9th and 10th of August, 2014.

6 qualifiers remain before the main event on the 27th and 28th of September.

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