Top 8 AUG plays from competitive Counter-Strike

Aditya Singh Rawat

29o, Jun, 2019

It is disheartening to see things we like, fade away. Especially when it comes to everyone's favourite scoped rifle, AUG. The rifle that has been all the rage amongst the top teams and a community favoured choice of weapon as well, took a hit when valve recently nerfed it.

It is still yet to be seen if players still opt for it or not but the predictions stand that the M4A1-S or the M4A4 are likely to see a rise in its pick rate. So in the memory of the COD rifle, here are the top eight AUG plays that we have come across yet in competitive cs.


Fnatic had a lot of its players going gaga over the menace caused by the AUG. But they produced some great plays conjoining their usage of the hyped rifle. Here is a clip showcasing a brilliant A site retake against NRG.


Shox did complain a bit about the AUG but I am sure after watching himself do this, he would have changed his opinion about nerfing the rifle.

It was a tough tie between the two clips, so both of them have been featured. Which one do you think was the better of the two?



MIBR might not be playing up to their potential but this sneaky play from TACO won them the round quite easily, as Renegades just walked into his crosshair one after the other in a bid to plant the bomb before running out of time.


While his teammate might be famous for being the frontrunner when it comes to handling an AUG, Nitr0 is also a jack of all trades. His mastery of the rifle can be witnessed via this clip where he executes a huge four-man spray to hold down the site and gain an advantage favouring his side.


Next up we have sergej from ENCE leading his team to victory against Liquid in the quarterfinals of the IEM Katowice 2019 by shutting down the opposition from gaining hold of the A site.


Anything with a scope in the hands of s1mple is guaranteed to bring a lot of destruction. Here he can be seen just walking up towards the smoke to easily get a quad kill. You think a smoke is going to hold s1mple back!


The French prodigy, Zywoo tears through the OpTic line-up in their eco round. Armed with an AUG the young Vitality star utilises the rifles ranged accuracy to pin down the opposition perfectly.


There can be no AUG talk without EliGE being mentioned, a beast on the rifle EliGE is considered to be one of the best player to operate the scoped rifle. Enjoy these glimpses of his brilliance on the AUG.

Some extra clips because why not, he is just so good with this weapon.


These are some of the best AUG plays that really shows the strength of the rifle and its popularity. With the nerf coming being implemented, its pick rate might certainly drop. But still props to the devs to pull a fast one on Niko.

Do not agree with the featured clips? Comment below the ones that you think should have made it.