Top 5 plays from Day 2 of the Bucharest Minor

Vignesh Raghuram

10th, Jan, 2019

Source: Valve

The playoff brackets are finally set as the Bucharest Minor steadily progressed. Group B provided us with some fantastic set of matches which saw EHOME progress as the top seeds, while OG also moved on to the Upper Brackets after securing two wins over BOOM ID.

While BOOM ID did show plenty of potential in their four losses against OG, they simply lacked the experience needed to be able to overwhelm the reigning TI champions. However, they finished in 3rd place after a scintillating 2-0 victory over Playmakers Esports, in the losers’ match.

Here are the Top 5 highlights of the day:


Topson is Immortal



BOOM ID started off the fight pretty well. But they simply lacked the resources to bring down the stacked Topson Troll Warlord assaulting their Tier 3 towers, 4v1 allowing him to continue snowballing and secure the easy win for OG.


EHOME wipes OG



Just when things were going the way of OG and looked like we were going to get a Game 3, EHOME stepped it up and stopped the snowball right on its tracks with a fantastic teamfight.


EHOME holds the line



OG were minutes away from securing a Game 1 win after making a comeback with their Drow Ranger. But, EHOME turned it all around with fantastic itemization and one hell of a teamfight to instigate the comeback.


BOOM ID’s wombo-combo into GG



Playmakers were holding on to their racks by the skin of their teeth, turtling with their Medusa. The Indonesian team put a stop to that with a great wombo-combo to put an end to that resistance and secured the GG.


Jerax styles on BOOM ID



Jerax once again showcased why Earth Spirit is a must-ban against him. Just another day at the office for the Finnish superstar.



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