Top 5 Dota 2 heroes we all love to hate

Vignesh Raghuram

16th, Jan, 2019

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We’ve all had Dota 2 games where we’ve wanted to throw our mouses against the wall or slam our keyboard when playing against certain heroes. It’s frustrating, rage-inducing and frankly makes you start tilting.

I am sure no one will disagree that certain heroes are more likely to elicit the fires of gamer rage, whether that’s due to the troll-potential of their abilities, or simply because they take away the fun elements of Dota 2.

This list of rage-inducers represents the 5 greatest offenders on Dota 2’s 116-strong list. These heroes make your blood boil, often without much effort. Try as you may, they’ll often leave you cursing the moment you pressed ‘Find Match’.



Huskar is the worst kind of buzz kill; he doesn’t even crash the party in style. He just sits in a lane burning you with his spears lest you dare leech some XP from the lane.

Although high physical damage heroes were meant to be the go-to counter against a Huskar, the addition of Inner Fire has made him even more annoying and basically makes him immortal, unless you dedicate all of your resources towards shutting him down.

With a standard item build-up that is relatively cheap and a power-spike that very few heroes can match, Huskar is without a doubt one of the worst heroes to play against, especially if you are forced into a 1v1 against him.



The Spiderlings have to be some of the most, if not the absolute most annoying summons in Dota 2: the don't need much micro, deal a boatload of damage in such a short duration, have free-pathing and can’t be killed off easily, unless you have very specific heroes to counter them. The worst part is you can see your demise coming when they all start crawling towards you, and it’s utterly infuriating.

Combine that with Broodmother’s deceptively strong slow and evasion, along with the sheer damage and lifesteal she gets from her Insatiable Hunger and you’re looking at a point-and-click nightmare.

Also, her hero model, portrait and voicelines give me the creeps. *shudders*.




At low tier games where people do not buy detection, Riki players run rampant destroying anything and everything in their sights. At mid-tier games where people buy too much detection, they feast on your underfarmed supports with a 20-minute Boots of Speed. And in high tier games, where there is just the right amount of detection they still bug the hell out of enemy spellcasters with their constant silences and Puck-tier escape abilities.

Le Purple Goat man aka Richard, is a nightmare to play against no matter in which tier or which server, and no win against this hero tastes as good simply because of the anti-fun aspects that a riki provides.




Slark is one of the few carries that relishes on killing off supports, stabs you with a shiv, then disappears just as quickly. If you think you have him cornered, he’ll just escape and heal up in a few seconds.

On top of that, he has an anti-vision passive that lets him deward enemy wards and make his enemies play blind, which lets him pick-off enemy heroes and snowballs him even further.

Here’s a list of things he gets for free: A pseudo-root, an escape ability, tons of movement speed, a strong-purge that doubles as an AoE damage spell, a spell that makes him immune to detection, and gives him tons of health regeneration.

The fish-prisoner is quite literally, the worst.




Did anyone expect anything else? Let’s be honest. Every game that you encounter a Techies regardless of whether he is in the enemy team or your own team is the worst. Need we say anything about Techies? He extends relatively short games to 60 minute+ slugfests, he plants invisible remote bombs, Squeen-Splee-Spoon even look annoying; what could anyone possibly like about any of these things?

In the laning phase, Techies can be a menace and generally requires you to keep your distance. Not doing that can easily result in certain death, especially if there’s an enemy roamer involved. The amount of damage over time which Techies is capable of outputting with Blast off and Proximity Mines is absolutely ridiculous.

Then comes the mid-game, every tower-push is scary. Walking up to the highground is terrifying. Hell even, walking to the Rosh Pit, Runes or even Secret Shops is scary against a Techies. It is a literal minefield.

The hero is by far the most annoying and triggering hero in Dota 2. If you ever play a game against him, you’ll definitely get tilted so be sure to check out our guide to avoid TILTING while playing Dota 2.

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