Top 5 Dendi + Puppey moments

Shounak Sengupta

11o, Oct, 2018

2014 was a landmark year for Dota as one of the most iconic organizations went through a roster change. The squad comprising of Puppey, Dendi and Xboct had dominated the scene from the inception of Dota 2, reaching 3 consecutive TI finals and winning one of them. Their performances along with their lovable personalities had propelled them to Dota stardom as they commanded the respect and love of countless fans across the world. However, post the epic TI3 grand finals where Na’Vi narrowly lost to Alliance, their performance slowly deteriorated. In TI4, the team finished 7/8th, their lowest placing in TIs till then and the team as well as the players realized that they needed a change. Puppey and Kuroky both left the team to form Team Secret while Dendi continued to play for the team.

Dendi would continue to play for Na’Vi for 4 more years, until September of this year when it was announced that he would no longer be a part of the roster. Many fans continue to miss the old Na’Vi lineup, especially considering the fact that Na’Vi haven’t had much success since TI3. But as fate would have it, Dendi and Puppey will be seen playing together at the Maincast Autumn Brawl tomorrow. With Midone on a break, Team Secret have brought in Dendi as a temporary standin. And to make matters spicier, the first team they will face is the team which they both started their Dota 2 journeys in, Na’Vi.


To remember Puppey and Dendi’s time in Na’Vi and get you guys hyped for the match here are our top 5 Dendi+Puppey moments.

Fountain Hook against TongFu

One of the most iconic games in TI history, where  Puppey and Dendi combine to make a seemingly impossible comeback against Tongfu.

All-Star Pudge reveal

Normally, All-Star matches often turn out to be disappointing but TI5 saw Dendi playing on the main stage despite not qualifying for TI alongside his ex-captain Puppey.

Puppey's Wolf block

TI2 is remembered for a good number of top-tier plays and Dendi’s mid Rubik often shone in many of the highlight reels. This one sees, Puppey’s support Lycan set up a massive kill for Dendi.


The Play

The Play isn’t necessarily a pure Dendi and Puppey moment but definitely counts as one the top if not the top play in TI and Dota history. And at the forefront of the play is Dendi’s Rubik and Puppey’s genius draft.


Dendi performs Gangnam Style

Another endearing moment from the TI3 All Star Match that captures the relationship between the two perfectly.

Purge interview

Dendi’s eccentric personality combined with Puppey’s attempts to diffuse the silliness makes for a great interview.


Na’Vi versus Secret will take place on the 12th of October at 8 30 pm IST.