TNC Tigers and Orange Gaming Team move on in the ProDota Cup SEA #1

Shounak Sengupta

3o, Aug, 2018

Missing their captain and most experienced player, 1437, the TNC Tigers have had a hard season at the ProDota Cup SEA #13. They looked shaky in the group stages finishing last in their group but have have managed to advance well in the playoffs.

In today’s match, the Tigers took down the Sterling Global Dragons 2-0 to advance to the semifinals of the lower bracket. Some interesting drafts from the Tigers, saw them take the series in convincing fashion as SGD looked unprepared in the matchup. Game 1 saw a Magnus + PA combo that simply ended up running over SGD. 21 kills in 48 minutes for the PA forced out the gg from SGD. In game 2 the Tigers ran a mid AM and a safelane Enigma but it was their offlane Crystal Maiden that capped out the weird draft. Nonetheless, it seemed to be working and without SGD’s Storm coming online they found fights difficult to take. A short 30-minute gg was forced by the Tigers who now move onto the lower bracket semifinals.

Elsewhere, Orange Gaming Team found a victory over fellow countrymen, Source Code International and will now face the TNC Tigers next. In the Upper bracket, EVOS Esports and Execration fight to get into the grand finals. The action resumes on August 6th and will be covered live on the AFK Gaming stream. Tune in for some SEA Dota action.