?TNC tie series with EG 1-1

Vignesh Raghuram

3rd, Aug, 2017
TNC Gaming, The Pinoy squad has just drawn their series (1-1) against one of the strongest teams in their Group thanks to some good drafting and a phenomenal Phantom Assassin Performance from Raven. This is a fantastic result for the SEA hopefuls.
But I don’t think EG wouldn’t be too worried about this series as they traditionally start slow before picking up the pace. Let’s take a look at how things went down in the explosive series.


First blood fell quickly going the way of EG, in a rune fight gone wrong TNC lost their Rubick to the Oracle. With ten minutes gone, EG found themselves in a good position, three kills up on TNC with a tower in their favour. EG gradually took control of the Map and were looking very strong, putting pressure on all lanes and dropping very aggressive wards. But Raven had very good farm on his Juggernaut.
But EG with their RTZ Lycan took Roshan just before the 20 minute mark setting the stage for EG to begin taking tower after tower. And EG did exactly that taking 3 towers with the Aegis and putting TNC in a horrible position.
If EG secured the next Roshan, the game was set to be all but over. So TNC took the fight to EG in the Rosh pit. But it was all for naught as Universe hit a godly chronosphere which lead to TNC losing three heroes and EG securing the Aegis for RTZ once again.
It was merely a formality for EG after this point, TNC never really looked like they were going to make a comeback. EG won a couple more teamfights and TNC threw in the towel.

A very aggressive start from EG would see SumaiL's Mirana push Kuku’s Tinker out of mid lane very early on with the help of Zai’s Weaver. With just over ten minutes gone, EG definitely had a networth lead and had the majority of the map control. But just before 20 minutes TNC won a huge teamfight in the botlane by trading their Silencer, Sand King, and Batrider for EG’s Mirana, Weaver, and Oracle.
This was the point when Raven started building momentum, He started to find kill after kill on EG’s core heroes, snowballing heavily on his Phantom Assassin.
Just after the 20 minutes, EG sneaked a roshan and that opened up space for RTZ to farm up a Silver Edge. EG had their gameplan ready but they weren’t ready for Tim’s Sand King and Raven’s Phantom Assassin. EG got caught in the bottom lane thanks to a fantastic initiation from the Sand King. Raven got himself over 1k gold as a result of this teamfight and was able to accelerate towards his next item which was a Manta Style to pair with the Desolator in his inventory.
EG lost control of the map after this point and tried to sneak yet another Roshan to get back in the game. But once again, it was Raven and Tims who spoiled the EG party in the Rosh pit. Raven scouted out the Roshan with his Manta illusion and Tims followed up with a huge Epicenter-Burrow Strike combo and Raven went bersek on the EG team securing himself an Ultra Kill and 5 man wiping EG and making them expend their Cheese as well as Aegis.
TNC followed this fight up with a double racks. EG GG’d out soon after. Raven finished the game with a 19-0-8 KDA ratio on his Phantom Assassin.

TNC has shown the rest of the teams in group A that they are no pushovers and are here to go Toe to Toe against the best teams. If TNC build on this momentum, they might have a fighting chance at that top 4 – Upper Bracket berth in the main event


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