TNC Pro Team fall to VGJ.Storm

Vignesh Raghuram

10th, Mar, 2018
It was a rough day for TNC Pro Team in Bucharest, they faced off against VGJ.Storm, their opponents from the Group Stages who came back from a 35k Gold deficit to qualify for the Main Event. TNC Pro Team had the opportunity for a revenge win, but the Chinese team prevailed.
TNC Pro Team vs VGJ.Storm

VGJ.Storm tried to pull a fast one on TNC in Game 1 of the series, drafting an out of meta Medusa for Liu "Freeze" Chang. The panel may have felt that TNC Pro Team were caught off guard, but they handled the situation beautifully. They kept up the pressure on the Medusa and quickly took an early game lead. Liquid closed things out with a 40-9 kill score at the end of the game (In the 40th Minute Mark) 


VGJ.Storm struck back in the second game, managing to garner themselves an early game lead and seal the deal with the power of Zhou "Yang" Haiyang’s Triple Ravage threat. TNC Pro Team did not recover from their 2nd game loss particularly well as VGJ.Storm riding their momentum managed to roll over TNC’s arguably weaker draft to secure the Game 3 victory.

With this, SEA’s run at this major comes to a close. TNC Pro Team’s next appearance at the DPC will be at the Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018.


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