TNC Predator are the WESG 2018: SEA Finals Champions

Vignesh Raghuram

16th, Dec, 2018

Yet another WESG trophy was added into the Filipino team TNC Predator’s kitty as they secured the WESG 2018: SEA Finals title and $7500 in prize money after a relatively straightforward 2-0 victory over Malaysian team, Warriors Gaming.Unity in the Grand Finals.

Both teams had already secured their qualification for the WESG 2018: World Finals scheduled to take place in China, alongside Myanmar team: Veteran and Indonesian team: BOOM ID.

Here’s what transpired in the Grand Finals


TNC Predator vs WG.Unity


Game 1 saw TNC Predator pick up a rather aggressive lineup featuring a Gabbi Phantom Assassin and an Armel Puck. The Filipino team managed to secure the win in just under 30 minutes thanks to expert ganking by their Puck-Centaur combo which saw them completely shutdown WG.Unity’s cores and gain an overwhelming networth advantage.

In Game 2, TNC Predator picked up a mid-game push oriented lineup with Juggernaut and Templar Assassin as their cores. This game was an even bigger stomp than Game 1, as TNC managed to bring down their Malaysian counterparts in just 23 minutes after taking tower after tower, completely restricting Mercury’s ability to farm his way back into the map.

The WESG: World Finals where TNC Predator and the rest of the teams who have qualified is expected to kick off in March 2019 and will feature a massive prizepool of $890,000.



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