TNC let's go of its entire CS:GO roster

Aditya Singh Rawat

28th, Jun, 2019

Cover Image Courtesy: TNC Pro Team - CSGO

As of yesterday, TNC has let go of its entire CS:GO roster consisting of,

  • Chris ‘Pro’ Martir

  • Jim ‘BORKUM’ Timbreza

  • Riley ‘witz’ Go

  • Deko ‘Papichulo’ Evangelista

  • Patrick ‘Derek’ Lacson

  • Ryan ‘BabyBoy’ Crisostomo [Manager]

The organization had stuck with the roster for over two years during which they won several tournaments for TNC while also representing their country, the Philippines, in events such as IeSF and WESG.

This iteration of the team was widely considered to be one of the best and most respected team to ever emerge from the Philippines.

But even though they might have lost the backing of the organization, the six of them plan on sticking together and are currently in search for a new sponsor. One who is willing to back them up as they continue on their journey to be the best team in the SEA region while retaining their position as the top team of the country.

On approaching Ryan Crisostomo, the team's manager, he did not comment on the situation but upon further questioning, he said that

“The players are a bit disheartened but are still eager to play together and are just waiting to be picked up by a sponsor or an organization, so that they can start competing again. They are still hungry for more and want to be the best while representing the Philippines at the highest levels of competitive counter-strike.”

He went on to say thanks to TNC’s management for everything that they have done and provided them with, while specially mentioning Eric Redulfin, CEO of TNC, thanking him for this opportunity. He lastly gave a big shout out to his friends, family and all the fans for supporting them and believing in their abilities till the very end.

So if any sponsor or organization is interested they can directly reach out to Ryan Crisostomo either on Facebook directly by clicking here or by dropping him a mail at [email protected].

Wishing them the best of luck on their road ahead, let’s see if the team is able to bounce back into the scene together or does this lead to a perfect opening for some other team to take over the Philippines!

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