TNC drop out of ESL One Hamburg to focus on WESG

Shounak Sengupta

8o, Oct, 2018

Cover image source: @TNCPredator 

TNC Predators announced earlier today that they will be skipping ESL One Hamburg to play in the Philippines Qualifier for WESG 2018. The team breezed through the SEA qualifiers for ESL One Hamburg, and didn’t drop a single game but have now chosen to withdraw from the competition. 

Instead, the team will play in the finale of the WESG 2018 Philippines qualifiers. While the dates for both don’t exactly collide, they are incredibly close making it extremely difficult for TNC to fly to Europe and play the event. The Philippines qualifiers conclude on the 28th of October while  ESL One Hamburg commences on the 29th.

Also another big factor which perhaps aided TNC’s decision-making process was the prize money involved. ESL One Hamburg was a 300,000$ event and while WESG 2018’s prize pool hasn’t been disclosed, it’s safe to say that it will be above a million dollars considering last year it was 1.5 million dollars. But while TNC already made it to the main event at Hamburg and would have to fight against 10 other teams, the qualification procedure for WESG is a little more complicated.

The winner of the Philippines qualifier will then play in the SEA Regional Qualifiers with 10 other teams from countries in the SEA region. However, TNC are by the far the most accomplished and experienced team in this set. The top 4 teams from the SEA region will move onto the WESG main event which involves a grand total of 36 teams. While the road seems more difficult in WESG, it actually is much less competitive till the top 4/top 8 stage for a team such as TNC.

At the Philippines Qualifier, TNC will have to face Neon Esports, a team rated much lower than them all things considered. It’s hard to see TNC not making to at least the main event if not the top 8. Financially, it does seem to be a smarter move to play WESG along but there is also the fact that you represent your country which for a lot of people can be more than just money. However, dropping out of a tournament after having played the qualifiers, just 20 days before the LAN does seem a bit unprofessional and will not sit well with ESL. But considering that ESL One Hamburg isn't a DPC event, TNC have decided to give it a miss. 

ESL hasn’t made it clear as to who will represent TNC at Hamburg. The obvious choice is EVOS Esports who made the finals but whether they can secure visa’s in such short notice is questionable.