The Stepping Stone – JoinDOTA League Season 10

Shounak Sengupta

5th, Jun, 2016

The JoinDota League season 10 was announced earlier this week and a new format comes as exciting news to all. The JDL has been an essential part of the Dota 2 community since its inception. It started off at a time when LAN finals were few with Starladder and the International stealing most of the spotlight. Played purely online, the JDL for the last few seasons has been a platform for lesser known teams to showcase their skills.

The JDL is managed by the good folks over at JoinDOTA, a content and talent agency which employs the likes of TobiWan, Capitalist, Blitz and up until recently, Maelk. While the association of the JD name helps bolster the legitimacy and integrity of the league, the fact that it is in its tenth season should prove beyond a doubt how good and well established the JDL is.

What is the JoinDota League?

In many ways the JDL can be compared to any other sports’ division or league comprising of different tiers. After each season, teams are moved up to a higher league or bumped down to a lower one depending upon their performance and placing. The teams competing in a higher league also stand to win money as well as bragging rights. While the prizepools are not flashy in comparison to current standards, one must remember that it is more of a platform to be noticed than one to play for money.

While the number of divisions varies per season and upon the number of entries, the JDL primarily operates in 3 regions, namely America, Europe and Asia. New teams or first time entries start of in the starter league and others in higher leagues depending upon the previous season.

Each league will feature a specific number of teams who play each other weekly in a round robin bo2 format. Points are awarded for each win and the rankings are determined on this basis.

What’s different about Season 10

The Starter Leagues are very popular in all three regions and this time the JDL will feature 8 teams instead of 10 in each Starter League. This means that all teams that want to be part of a starter league will now be separated into groups of 8 which will make one league. The number of Starter Leagues will vary depending on the number of registrations. This means fewer games to be played in a league.

The Division 1 which is the premier division of the JDL will also be making a comeback and generally features top teams in each region. The prizepool is set at USD 10,000 for each region and the top four will be engaged in a bubble race playoff to determine the winner. The list of competing teams is yet to be announced.

The Pre-Playoffs

The latest addition to the JDL is the Pre Playoff system. This a 2 day bracket system is for teams who feel that they deserve to start in a higher league. Prove your worth here and you may end up starting as high as Division 2.


If you reach

You start in

Number of teams

Grand Finals

Division 2


Quarter Finals

Division 3



Division 4


Win 3+ matches

Division 5



The details for the Pre-playoffs are as follows:

  • Scheduled to be played on June 15-16 for all 3 divisions
  • Semi finals are Bo 3 and the winners start in Division 2
Why would you want to take part?
  • The league system means that you’ll always be playing with teams of similar skill level.
  • You’ll get a chance to experience how professional eSports is conducted.
  • The round robin and bo2 format will give you plenty of chances to learn and adapt.
  • Chances of your games getting streamed and opportunity to attract potential sponsors.
  • Flexible scheduling and ample time given to complete each game.
How do I sign up?

To join in on the action you’ll need a 5 man stack. Everyone will need to register and create an ID over at

To register your team, select your region and to take part in the Pre-season playoffs and for more information click here


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