The Promise of Eminent Revival Release fails to boost TI8 prizepool

Vignesh Raghuram

19th, Jul, 2018

The Level 615 Reward in the Battle pass, Promise of Eminent Revival, is finally available for the TI8 Battle Pass owners. The treasure features Immortals from previous Battle passes with a few minor modifications and styles, offering a nostalgic look to previous TIs and their legacy.

Valve released the treasure on Tuesday, with a blog post, that said

With today’s update, the Promise of Eminent Revival is met, and all Battle Pass owners who have reached Level 615 can now find this new treasure bundle awaiting in the Armory. These items are exclusive to Level 615 Battle Pass owners and will not be tradable or purchasable on the marketplace.

Immediately granting all five items contained within upon opening, this bundle features select items from previous Immortal treasures that commemorate the history of The International. Each of these items features two styles: a default style that rethemes these Immortal hallmarks to match this year’s event, and a second style unlocked through playing that gives it an upgraded touch.

Valve released the aforementioned treasure on Tuesday, and it is fair to say that the Dota 2 community was very disappointed with the quality of the cosmetics. They made multiple threads on reddit complaining that the bundle basically contains the old sets with the only modification being a green tint to the item. The community expected the Treasures to be of a higher quality than what was released, considering that users need to be level 615 and that these items will always be unmarketable/untradable.

While the Promise of Eminent Revival isn't meant for casual fans, nor those that aren't prepared to drop oodles of money on Hats. Valve would have been hoping for it to entice those that already have high-level Battle Passes to invest further, boosting the TI8 prize pool closer to breaking TI7’s record $24.78 Million prize pool.

But the TI8 prizepool tracker graphs indicate no such impact. Hopefully, Immortal Treasure III will provide that much needed boost to the prize pool.



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