The Playoffs are here

Vignesh Raghuram

5o, Dec, 2017
The JoinDota League Asia – Season 11 has concluded its regular season and four teams have moved on to the playoffs. The competition this season has featured several close matches and many teams have stepped up and put in some great performances in the league stage. The result is a group table where the 3rd place team is separated from the 8th place team by 1 point.
The playoffs will feature Happy Feet, Entity Gaming, WG.Unity and Fire Dragoon. Four of the most experienced and talented teams in the league. The top-seeded team Happy Feet has earned itself a place in the Grand Finals thanks to their impressive 14-4 scoreline in the points table. Entity Gaming has a place in the Semifinals by virtue of their 2nd place finish while WG.Unity and Fire Dragoon battle it out in the Quarterfinals.
The next few days are sure to be packed with action-packed Dota 2, as these 4 teams will try to outdo each other and attempt to walk away with the $4000 prize money.
#1: - Quarterfinals: WG.Unity vs Fire Dragoon – 16:30 IST, 4th December 2017
#2: - Semifinals: Winner of #1 vs Entity Gaming – 16:30 IST, 5th December 2017
#3: - Grand Finals: Winner of #2 vs Happy Feet – 15:30 IST, 6th December 2017
The Teams
Happy Feet:

First, we will look at the No. 1 seed, Happy Feet. It looks like they’ve put their lacklustre performance at the Galaxy Battles II: SEA Qualifiers and Dreamleague Season 8: SEA Qualifiers behind them, and have looked very good all throughout the regular season. The absence of their main kryptonites, TNC Pro Team and Mineski has made this team look even better.They are the favourites to emerge as Champions.

Entity Gaming:

The No. 2 seed is Entity Gaming, who capitalized on the stumbling WG.Unity side and a bye against Fire Dragoon to secure second place in the points table. Entity Gaming has seen a little bit of everything this season. Their start to the season was mediocre at best. They were at one point, 4-4 in the win-loss department which left them reeling, but things slowly improved. They teetered on the playoff cutoff line but eventually found some momentum and have been on a steady climb since then. They will play the Winner of the WG.Unity vs Fire Dragoon Quarterfinal matchup.


The No. 3 team has seen their lows recently. They desperately need to find the right road and get back up to speed, or these playoffs are not going to be fun to remember for WG.Unity and their fans. They play Fire Dragoon in the quarter-finals and will then have to play Entity Gaming in the semi-finals if they win.

Fire Dragoon:

FDG, by way of outstanding performances in their last few series that included a win in a tiebreaker match against 496 Production, secured themselves the No. 4 seed. Their offlaner, Raphael ‘KanG’ Khong was put back into the starting lineup after Adam 'ADAM/343' Shah left the lineup to coach Fnatic. This move proved successful for both teams, as FDG managed to qualify for the playoffs with very little practice, even though they had to forfeit two series.
Broadcast Info
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The Quarterfinal: Fire Dragoon vs WG.Unity – A Short Recap
Game 1: This first game of the day taught everyone a lesson they should have already known; never let Feero have a dominant laning phase. Feero single-handedly destroyed the entirety of the Fire Dragoon team posting a ridiculous 26-2-12 KDA at the end of the game. Even Ahjit’s insanely farmed PL couldn’t deal with the Siege Engine that was the Feero Dragon Knight which forced them to call GG.
Game 2: After a disappointing first game, Fire Dragoon went back to their comfort zone picking up KanG’s signature Batrider and Ahjit’s Timbersaw. All three of FDG’s lanes were dominating, and BrayaNt was facilitating all of his team’s kills through his spectacular performance on Night Stalker. They snowballed off the momentum they built in the early game and easily secured the Game 2 victory pushing the series to Game 3 decider
Game 3: This deciding game between Fire Dragoon and WG.Unity could easily be described as “the Meracle show.” The  SEA superstar carry completely took control of the game. As soon as the laning phase started, Meracle began to decimate KanG’s offlane Batrider.
While all of WG.Unity’s players were outfarming their counterparts, it was Meracle who translated his lead into their game win. Meracle fearlessly secured kill after kill, dominating team fights, and securing objectives all around the map. FDG simply could not do anything after the 15-minute mark against WG.Unity. And even after some questionable plays from Feero on the Razer almost brought the game back for FDG, they were too behind in the networth department to capitalize on the opening.

WG.Unity will now take on Entity Gaming in the Semifinals to determine who will move forward to face Happy Feet in the Grand Finals.