The Philippines is ready for the upcoming WESG 2018 - SEA Finals

Aditya Singh Rawat

2nd, Nov, 2018

Cover Image Courtesy: TNC Pro Team - CSGO

The WESG 2018 – Philippines Qualifier took place recently from 26th-28th October. The three days of the qualifier held the finals of all the gaming titles under which the country is representing a team of its own. 

The matches were held as a part of the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit at the SMX Convention Center – SM Mall. Philippines is sending a huge contingent, participating in 7 different gaming categories for the upcoming WESG 2018 – SEA Qualifier which will be held in Kuala Lumpur.

The Dota 2 and CS:GO events are always the highlight of the event and the Philippines. TNC organization has successfully covered both these games with their teams. 

The following are all the gaming categories under which Philippines will be participating with the help of their respective winners, 

  • Dota 2 – TNC 

  • CS:GO – TNC 

  • CS:GO (Women) - ArkAngel 

  • Hearthstone – Staz 

  • Hearthstone (Women) - Caracute 

  • StarCraft 2 – EnDerr 

  • Vain Glory – Bren Esports 

Dota 2 

TNC was up against Neon Esports in the Dota 2 finals. TNC was the heavily favoured team and they surely took the win, although Neon did make things quite interesting in the second game TNC’s experience was all the difference required for them to bring the situation back into order.

Image Credit: TNC Pro Team - Dota 2

TNC was playing a very reliable and comfortable draft in their first game against Neon. Neon was shut down from making useful rotations and roaming freely about the map in the early game due to the upper hand that both Rubick and CM had obtained in the first 10 minutes. The game kept slipping from the hands of Neon as both the cores on TNC held the top NetWorth in the game. 

A great Roshan fight was forced and won, leading to a dominoes effect being initiated upon Neon which made the team tap out of the match in just under 40 mins. 

The second match witnessed Neon trying out a more team fight style of a line-up and it did work in their favour as they executed fights at the right times when their heroes were at the peak of their power spikes. TNC found their cores lacking farm while also losing the map rapidly to the Neon onslaught. 

This is where TNC’s immense experience came into play as they defended high ground successfully and quickly gained map control with some really effective warding that even helped them pick the invoker off guard. Recovery took some time but TNC was able to beat their opponents well before the 50-minute mark.

With this, TNC beats Neon Esports with a score of ‘2-0’ and moves on further to represent the Philippines in the Kuala Lumpur Sea Finals.

Image Credit: WESG SEA


The men's team witnessed TNC dominate over Fractals, who lost to them in two straight matches.

TNC won by scores of ‘16-7’ and ‘16-6’ on Nuke and Mirage, respectively. There wasn’t much difference in between the two matches, TNC was just too skilled individually and as a team. They were performing with a bot like synchronization whereas Fractals definitely had a bit of confusion in their team play which had been a problem for them throughout the qualifier.

Image Credit: TNC Pro Team - CSGO

TNC was the worthy victor and will be representing Philippines in the SEA Finals.

The women’s team will be led by ArkAngel who crushed their opponents Godlike Gaming on both, their own map pick, Cache and the opponent's map pick, Inferno

Godlike Gaming contrary to their name played as well as they could but it was nowhere near what ArkAngel brought to the match. Perfect in all aspects of the game, the team was toying around with their adversaries, rushing them without the help or backing of utilities and still managing to come out as winners of that round.

Image Credit: WESG SEA

It was an alarm for the women’s CS:GO scene to step it up and bring out more players otherwise ArkAngel will settle down and cement their position for far too long, turning the scene too stagnant for positive growth.

TNC's Dota 2 and CS:GO rosters are well known on the international circuit, the Philippines can keep their hopes high for the upcoming WESG 2018 – SEA Finals where they're expected to perform well. 

Stay tuned as we bring you more updates on and about WESG 2018.


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