The International 4 Survival Guide - American Qualifiers

Nishant Patel

13o, May, 2014
That time is finally upon us.

The American Qualifiers kick off tonight.

We spoke to some of the Indian pro circuit players and about their predictions however before that, here's some information that we thought you might find useful.



  • Each team plays each other once for a slot in the playoffs

  • The top four teams advance while the remaining six are eliminated

  • The remaining four teams play in a double elimination BO 3 bracket

  • The 1st and 2nd place teams from the first round are placed in the upper bracket while the other two teams start from the lower bracket

  • The grand finals are a BO 5


Stream List

NA Hub :

EU Hub  


OG.Crowley - 1st Liquid, 2nd NAR

OG.Cyberhen - 1st NAR, 2nd Liquid

nB.Remstar - 1st Liquid, 2nd NAR

Xcarnation - 1st Liquid, 2nd NAR

As for the AFK Gaming staffers - plenty of mixed opinons that placed liquid, eHug, NAR, Revenge and SNA in the top 2 spots.

What are your predictions?