The International 2017 - Day 1 Recap

Vignesh Raghuram

3rd, Aug, 2017
The International has officially kicked off and we have had quite a great set of matches with tons of different strategies being showcased. In fact we saw over 101 different heroes picked. The group stages also had a staggering 500,000+ viewers on Twitch. Lets take a quick look at how things went down on Day 1 of the Group stages.
The first day of the 4-day group stage ended with both the LGD teams sitting atop their groups. LGD and LFY both finished undefeated at the end of Day 1.
Group A looks very top heavy, with LGD and Liquid being the 2 top teams of the group and other teams like TNC, EG, Secret and even surprisingly Infamous are all desperately fighting for the 3rd and 4th place upper bracket berths. At the bottom of the group is Fnatic, who have lost 6 consecutive games and are now in an unenviable position of being eliminated before the main event kicks off.
As for Group B, both Cloud 9 and HellRaisers failed to win a single game, resulting in their last place position. Higher up in the standings, OG, VP and Newbee are all just one win away from catching up with LFY.


Now let’s take a closer look at how our SEA teams performed.
TNC Gaming

TNC Gaming kicked off Day 1 with a match against one of the favorites, EG. While both games were relative stomps, the series as a whole had several great moments like Arteezy’s insane micro on his Lycan in game 1 and a huge TNC team-fight combo in game 2. In the end, the series ended with a 1-1 scoreline. TNC gaming must have been the happier team as they managed to take a game against EG, one of the strongest teams in their group.
TNC’s second matchup was against fellow SEA team Fnatic. TNC’s experience with dealing with Fnatic must have come into play as they dominated Fnatic in both games, in almost every department including drafts, laning and decision making. Fnatic looked like they were running around like headless chickens, their drafts were uninspired and DJ, Fnatic’s playmaker in chief had an off-day on his support role, which made it impossible for Fnatic to get any momentum rolling on their side. As a result, the Series ended 2-0 in the favor of TNC.
Hence, TNC finished with a 3-1 scoreline at the end of Day 1.

As the weakest SEA team who barely formed their squad 2 months before TI7, Execration didn’t have many expectations put upon their shoulders. Well, Execration is seemingly proving that the lack of expectations was warranted with a 1-3 score at the end of Day 1. Their only saving grace is that they managed to steal a win from VP, which is a much stronger team on paper. To be fair, however, Execration did play against table toppers LFY. That’s not the easiest start to a tournament, more like waking up to the sound of a Dhinchak Pooja song as an Alarm tone, instead of opening your eyes to see the sunrise and hearing birds singing in the trees.
Execration must improve up on their performances if they hope to go into the Main Event and not get eliminated in the group stage.

One of the three teams to lose all their matches on Day 1. They’ve lost the most number of matches, 6 in fact. Fnatic seems to be having trouble performing. They look very disorganized and out of sync with one another. That’s not the kind of performance you need if you wish to make it far in a tournament like this. Their 2-0 drubbings against Liquid, LGD and TNC must have their spirits down in the dumps but Fnatic can find solace in the fact that they’ve already faced the top 3 teams in their group and the matches can only get easier from here.
While the 0-6 win-loss record at the end of Day 1 is concerning, there are still three days left to play, it’s not too late for Fnatic to get their act together. We will just have to see how it goes during the rest of the Group Stage.



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