The Dummy's Guide to TI 8

Shounak Sengupta

31o, Jul, 2018

It’s been a long season of Dota and it all boils down to the grandest event of all - the eighth edition of The International or TI8 in short. Now it’s not always possible to keep up with the Dota scene and follow it with our busy schedules and this thing called life. But, with TI8 approaching you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb in the Discord watch parties, the pub stomps, the WhatsApp groups or whatever else it is you young folk like to use. So we bring you the n00b’s guide to TI8, things to say and how to react in situations that will make everyone go wow. Here’s what you need to know.

The DPC season

No, it isn’t the new Deadpool movie, the DPC or the Dota Pro Circuit was a set of 22 Dota events between TI7 and TI8. These events, along with a 13.5 million dollar prize pool in total also awarded DPC points to the top placing teams which were used to decide the direct invites for TI8. The DPC events were divided into Minors and Majors with higher prize money and points at stake at the majors. Overall we had 9 Majors and 13 Minors.

“23 events in a year are way too many, the Dota scene felt saturated” - This one is a tried and tested discussion that can be used whenever there’s a lull in the conversation. Use it wisely!


The CIS team, Virtus.Pro were the champions of the DPC winning 4 Majors and a Minor. The current defending champions, Team Liquid, finished second with 3 Minor wins and a Major win. The third-placed team were PSG.LGD, who won 2 Majors. Along with these 3, 5 other teams from the DPC top eight were invited - Team Secret, Mineski, Vici Gaming, Newbee and VG.J Thunder.

It’s okay if you weren’t able to follow all the events this season but don’t let that stop you from speaking about it. When all else fails:

“ESL streamed on Facebook?!?!?! That’s why I never followed the events - simply unwatchable”

If anyone questions your love for Dota, throw in this curveball. Ain't nobody gonna blame you not watching Facebook streams.


How to approach the teams

18 teams will play at the International and it won’t be possible to know and learn about each player/team anymore. So here’s a quick guide:


Virtus.Pro - The DPC leaders will be one of the favourites coming into TI8 so all eyes will be on them and in turn on you so better get all your facts right.


  • Told you guys! Others teams have figured them out and anti-stratted them” - if and when VP lose a game

  • “What a god! No wonder he was 1 and 2 on the EU leaderboards” - When No[o]ne gets a solo kill or makes a good play

  • “Artstyle must have taught them this” - When your inner Na’Vi fan can’t be controlled anymore


Team Liquid - The defending champions at TI, had a fantastic season at the DPC and finished in second place. With many fans across the world, you better be careful not to get anything wrong!

  • Why don’t they pick Invoker for Miracle?!?!!?” - If Miracle’s not having a good game

  • “The TI curse is real boys” - If TL are losing a game

  • Gh. GOOOOOOOOOOOOD” - You’ll know when



PSG.LGD - A late resurgence into the season and 2 Major wins allowed them to finish 3rd and they are considered one of the heavy favorites coming into TI8.

  • “It’s China’s year so ofc PSG will win” - Whenever a non-chinese team is eliminated

  • Ame is the best carry from China” - When you know there’s a Burning fan in the house

  • “France won the World Cup, PSG.LGD are destined for a win at TI8.” - Shut them haters up with logic and reasoning


Team Secret -  A hot start to the season allowed to get into the top but their inconsistent nature is often a concerning issue for fans.

  • “When have Secret ever done well at TI?” - When a Puppey fanboi gets on your nerves

  • “This Yapzor guy just carries them every game. What. a. Player!” - When Yap makes a play

  • “RIP Monitors boiiis- When Secret are about to lose a game.


Mineski - Flashes of brilliance helped them surprise everyone at the DAC but once figured, they rarely presented a major threat.


  • “I’ve heard of iceiceice and Mushi! Who are the other 3 again?” - When an unrealistically optimistic SEA Dota fan gets on your nerves

  • “Iceiceice? Maybe use the taunt button less and the not die button a bit more” - When icex3 is having a bad game

  • “This Moon guy’s hero pool will be Mineski’s undoing! Wait and watch” - When Mineski pick the same mid hero twice in a series.


Fnatic - A star-studded roster that failed to win any LANs in the DPC but delivered always in terms of entertainment value.

  • Oh oh! Looks like it’s time for another pizza party” - When someone makes a bad play

  • “Hmmm this caaaaan be an Abed Meepo game” - Just throw it out randomly during Fnatic drafts

  • “I think it’s time someone destroys their items” - When Fnatic look to be in an unwinnable situation



Evil Geniuses - A former TI winning team who have struggled over the DPC season. A last minute roster change seems to have done them good but will it be enough?

  • “The King is back baby.” - Whenever Sumail does well in a game

  • “EG still not top tier? You punks are never satisfied are you? Hope you enjoy being bitter because they will definitely win TI8.” - Say it EVERY TIME EG advance in the playoffs

  • “Canada, Pakistan, Sweden, Denmark, Israel. NA is the strongest region” - If anyone questions the quality of NA Dota EVER.


Well, now you know what to say and how to react while watching TI8. Go get em fam!