The clash of the titans - U Cypher finale - A preview

Shounak Sengupta

23rd, Feb, 2018
The much awaited grand finale of the first season of U Cypher kicks off later today and it’s set to be a thriller between two of the best teams of the lot. Let’s take a look at their journeys and performances and see what the possible scenario’s could be like tonight.
Mobile and Console titles
These could very well be the deciding factors and the Sherdilas have quite an advantage here. Their Tekken 7 player, Hans is yet to be defeated and has taken down Yakshas’s Jaunty twice in the group stages. While Jaunty has not lost to any other player himself, it is hard to think of him taking down the mighty Huns.
Real Cricket is a really random game and anyone can take the points on their day. However, the fact that the Yakshas have picked up 9 out of 10 games in the group stages will weigh on the Sherdil’s minds.
Both teams have yet to reach their peak when it comes to Counter Strike, but the Sherdils played a fantastic tie breaker against the Marksmen last time around. Both teams have 4 wins in the competition, definitely less than they would have been hoping for. Individually speaking, RiTz has stepped up for the Sherdils time and again as has Freaky, and they can always rely on Falken for the experience and the composure. For the Yakshas, no one has been brilliant individually and despite having Mantr1, impale and Skadoosh, they haven’t looked like team per say.
Both teams have 2 wins on train each and it is likely that the play boils down to it. With a single win on cache for both team as well, it could be the map we see in the finals. Nuke has virtually been untouched this season and is unlikely to make an appearance in the finals. Mirage hasn’t served either of the teams well and Sherdils will in all likeliness not allow cbble through, seeing as to it is one of Skadooshs and impale’s better maps.

The Dota match is expected to be highly competitive with both teams having done well throughout the course of the game. The Yakshas have won 8 games this season while Sherdils are looking strong at 7 wins. Acrid’s experience and leadership has come of great use for the Yakshas and the Sherdils will have to target either him or Appa if they are to take the win. Mamacita and Khans have looked solid for the Sherdils and Khans especially will have a big role to play from the offlane against Acrid’s carry.
It’s fair to say that both team are evenly stacked and it might come to Real Cricket to decide the champion. However like the second semi finals, it could also result in a draw which might force a tie breaker. However it pans out, cool heads, experience and a winners mentality will be what it takes in the moments of real pressure and whoever steps up will take home the trophy. 


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