The biggest and most hilarious bugs in Dota 2 History

Vignesh Raghuram

13th, Mar, 2018
In any video game, bugs, errors or hitches– whatever you call them, these sometimes game-breaking glitches can also offer a hilarious insight into what a developer’s worst nightmares must look like. 

The fact that, that video game is played competitively for millions of dollars makes things a lot more complicated and if we are being honest, downright funny. Join us as we take a look at some of the Dota’s most awkward bugs ever.
Moving Buildings using Chronosphere

This is one of the most hilarious bug exploits we’ve ever encountered. An interaction between Chronosphere and buildings provided us with an opportunity to move buildings as soon as Faceless Void hit level 6.

People could move their Ancient into the fountain Area and move the fountain to the Ancient area. Sounds complicated? It really wasn’t

Enemies would stand their perplexed as they tried to figure out a way to bring down the throne, which would usually end in failure and were forced to accept defeat.
Brewmaster’s Infinite Spirits

Brewmaster is one of the oldest heroes in the Dota 2 client, you would think that most bugs would have been identified and patched out by the time Dota 2 came out of the Beta phase or at least after the Spring Cleaning patch of 2014. But nope, Valve didn’t identify one of the more amusing bugs with Panda.

The 6.81 version of Dota 2, contained a neat glitch that let you spawn, theoretically an infinite number of Brewmaster Spirits. Given that power, why wouldn’t you duplicate 10,000 Spirits and see if the game can handle it?
6.81 Vengeful Spirit crashing the Server

We’ve all been in a solo-queue-game, stuck with a team we don’t want to play with. Lineups that would lose 9/10 times. Oh, how we wished we wouldn’t lose MMR if we just left.

With the introduction of 6.81, people had the opportunity to do exactly that. If players didn’t get the heroes they wanted/lanes they wanted /supports they wanted they walked up to an enemy tower and died to it. The result? A crash of the servers thanks to a new mechanic. ‘Negative Vengeance Aura to be applied to the enemy who killed the Vengeful Spirit.

What made this bug worse was the fact that Valve took over 20 hours to fix it. Thousands of games were ruined on that Dark Day.
Infinite Money in Captain’s Mode

We aren’t going to give you instructions on how to replicate this bug, nor will we showcase a video on this. But the fact is that there is currently a Bug/Interaction in Captain’s Mode that gives players an infinite amount of gold at the start of the game.

While this might be hilarious for the few exploiting this bug which leads to situations like a 2 Minute Rapier destroying the entirety of the enemy team. We are sure that this makes the game not-fun for 9/10 players in the game and advocate against the use of this exploit.

We hope that with the attention that this bug is currently receiving, Valve patches the exploit soonTM.


Nyx Assassin

No explanation needed


Chen controlling Roshan

Perhaps the most iconic and ridiculous bug in Dota 2’s history for both how broken and straight-up hilarious it was.

In patch 6.75, Chen’s abilities got some tweaks. In this process, something broke in the game. For some reason, Holy Persuasion granted Chen the ability to control Roshan. A 7000 HP creep, with a ton of right-click damage, a bash, and his basic abilities was absolutely ridiculous at Minute 1 of the game.

While it was patched out within 12 hours after it was discovered, it is an iconic part of Dota 2’s history thanks to its sheer absurdity. 


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