The 5 biggest Dota2 storylines from Dew Arena 2.0

Vignesh Raghuram

6th, Oct, 2017

It may have taken them about 6 months after their inception, but Aggressive 5 finally walked away from the Dew Arena 2.0 with their first ever LAN victory.

However, it wasn’t without the usual twists and turns. The 2nd edition of the Dew Arena was every bit as dramatic as the first one. Featuring teams from all across India, the INR 20 Lakh tournament saw several astounding games of Dota 2, as A5 secured their first ever LAN win prevailing over Team Buriza in a thrilling 2-1 series.
In a setting with this many exciting results, we’ve compiled five storylines that stuck out to us in particular, and which helps us visualize the landscape of the Indian Dota 2 scene heading into the ESL India Premiership – Fall Season Finale.

1. Aggressive 5 finally get their holy grail

Despite already dominating the ESL India Premiership Fall Season – Master League, as well as several strong showings in Valve Minors, there were doubts that Aggressive 5 could take home the Dew Arena championship.

Aggressive 5 as a team just couldn’t find that final oomph factor to push them over the edge to secure a LAN victory. After dominating the group stage, Aggressive 5 were looking shaky in the grand finals against Team Buriza.
In the 2nd game of the grand finals, Team Buriza had gotten themselves into the best possible position they could have asked for. Not only did mid lane phenom ClownK secure his team a number of kills and kept himself on top of the networth charts, but carry player RAMZES's Clinkz was chewing through the Aggressive 5 backlines.
Despite their horrible position in one of the most important games of the entire tournament, Aggressive 5 only needed one opening to almost turn the game completely around. They somehow won an incredible teamfight near the Top Lane Tier 3 tower against an Aegis + Cheese + Rapier Clinkz. Sure, Aggressive 5 ended up losing the game. But the fact that the team didn’t let the almost unwinnable situation get to their heads just shows how solid their foundation is.
They may have disappointed at the Summer LAN Finale, and the Asus ROG Masters—but following their victory in Dew Arena, Aggressive 5 is inarguably one of the favorites heading into the Fall Season Finale.

2. Do not give Aggressive 5 the green heroes

Aggressive 5 are currently sitting with a 100% winrate record with Venomancer, an 88% winrate record with Necrophos and a 76% winrate record with Viper in the 7.06 patch. 
They are an incredibly cohesive machine whose teamfight execution is almost unparalleled in the Indian scene. One of the chinks in their armour is that they expose Negi and Padling to enemy ganks in the laning stage, as PinkMan and PasoL like to rotate around the map to make plays.
Teams have tried to punish this by constantly ganking Aggressive 5’s midlane. But rather than adjusting their support’s early game movements, Aggressive 5 have taken a unique approach to this. They’ve started picking, what are essentially, ungankable heroes as their cores. Thus plugging their mild weakness.
Opponents really need to find some other strategies against Aggressive 5. Or they should just Ban all the green heroes. (7.07 When Icefrog?)

3. White Shadows Rising

While White Shadows had a good showing at the qualifiers, beating some respectable teams in best-of-three games, they had not shown us that they were remotely capable of beating any of the top teams in India.
It seemed improbable that they would even make it out of the group stages with a single win, with far more seasoned teams like Aggressive 5 and Buriza in it. But they surpassed all expectations, beating Optic Myst Gaming and putting in a hell of a performance against the tournament runners up, Buriza. They have certainly put their names out on the map after this tournament. We hope they can build on this strong showing and continue to improve in the upcoming tournaments.


4. Buriza must not be taken lightly

While Buriza couldn’t secure the Dew Arena 2.0 tournament in front of the Delhi crowd, the fact they almost won the whole tournament would be quite reassuring to the team who hadn’t had decent LAN performance even though they have been performing quite well in the ESL India Premiership.
Buriza came into the Dew Arena 2.0 as one of the favourites to win the whole tournament. Having performed well at various online competitions, and securing spots at various LAN events leading up to the Dew Arena, Dew Arena 2.0 was seen as Buriza’s first big chance at actually taking home one of the LAN Trophies.
Buriza played a near-perfect group stage eliminating Optic Myst Gaming, and White Shadows and securing their spot in the grand finals in the process. Facing up against Aggressive 5 in the grand finals, Buriza took the fight to Aggressive 5 in the BO3 series pushing it to a deciding Game 3.
It may have been a disappointing outcome for the players, but it still showed that Buriza has what it takes to compete with the best teams in Indian Dota. 

5. The Production value in India is going through the roof

Last month, it was the ASUS ROG Masters – South Asian Finals, this month it is the Dew Arena 2.0. Yeah, the Dew Arena 2.0 showcased some of the most exciting Dota 2 we've seen in well over a year. It wasn't the only thing that made the tournament great, though.
Intertwined between the jaw-dropping gameplay and the mindblowing strategy, the tournament injected much-needed personality into the tournament. Mountain Dew – India created an arena unlike what we've seen in Indian esports before—pair that with the unparalleled production value we've come to expect from NODWIN Gaming, and you've got a world-class tournament that rivals international events.This was the first ever Indian esports event to be broadcast LIVE on national television via Dsport and is truly a testament to how far esports has come courtesy the hardworking folks behind the scenes.
Player highlight videos can come off awkward. (Remember G-League?) That was not the case for the Dew Arena 2.0 hype videos: They have put in some serious production into the introduction, making each player look cool—and comfortable—instead of cringy and awkward.
Segments like these, provide a much-needed hype factor for the casual fans, making them invested in the game. It's good for the esports scene as a whole to have a community that cares about its players and their teams, instead of just pure gameplay and mechanics.
Personality builds storylines—and storylines attract further interest to the Esports scene.


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