Ten "Wait. What?!" Moments Of 2018

Aditya Singh Rawat

3rd, Jan, 2019

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The year has witnessed a heck lot of CounterStrike action, enthralling us all through and through. The year witnessed loads of unimaginable plays being executed, showcasing everything from flawless teamwork to uber-aggressive rushes, godlike clutches to insane reactions, perfectly synchronized retakes, cheeky ninja defuses and finally an early gift from Valve to all of us in the form of CS:GO – Danger Zone.

On this note even we decided to take some time out and carefully go through all that has been accomplished in 2018 to compile a list of Ten ‘Wait. What?!’ Moments Of 2018.  

So, let’s jump right to it and hopefully you will notice your favourite clip among them as well.

Perfect Molotov Setup Doesn’t Exis........

REZ executed a great 1v2 clutch against Ghost Gaming at the DreamHack Stockholm 2018 during the group stage matches. 

The last man standing, REZ started things off with an unexpected Molotov from Down Ladder which caught both steel and koosta by surprise. REZ quickly followed up with Galil to gun them down and won an unfavourable round for NiP.

How to use Mirage tactics on Inferno – 101

Somebody pulled off something truly miraculous on Inferno against Renegades at the FACEIT London Major 2018 – Challengers Round. 

Facing a 3v1 situation, Somebody tactfully goes in to kill Nifty and quickly plants at B. Both AZR and USTILO move in to execute a retake but Somebody instead of defending the site simply left and went around to approach from CT-spawn. Although AZR took him down, the absence of defuse kit along with the time bought by Somebody led to a failed defuse and Tyloo winning the round.

Defusing through smoke? Yeah, right! 

F0rest steps up his game to win the eco-round for his team against Fnatic in the quarterfinals of the DreamHack Master Stockholm.

Facing a 1v4 clutch situation with the opponents attempting a defuse at B, f0rest rained havoc upon them from Highway. He picked off all three players including the one defusing the bomb, through the cover of the smoke and won the round for his side.

Now you see me......Oh, actually you don’t!

KJAERBYE faced a 1v2 situation against SK Gaming, who were attempting a defuse at Bomb Site – A on  Inferno.

Positioning himself in Graveyard, KJAERBYE waited patiently as boltz and coldzera entered the A-site with their back towards him as he displayed great trigger control to get into a suitable position before taking them both down easily.

One shot, one kill. More luck, Less skill? 

Oskart faced an impossible 1v4 against Fnatic on Inferno. With an AWP in his hands and positioned at Banana facing towards B-site, he set out to kill as many as he could before going down. 

Hunting Twist who made his way through CT-side, Oskart found himself in a favourable position that helped him get a triple kill with a single AWP shot, as Xizt, Brollan and KRIMZ ran into Oskart’s crosshair approaching him from B-site.

Boosted to victory

Going up against HellRaisers at the StarSeries I-League Season 6, the Renegades duo of jks and Nifty opted for a clever boost on Heaven to gain sight of woxic who was defending the B-site. AWPing him down and winning the round for Renegades.

Time for some Super Saiyajin reactions

Skadoodle faced an intense 1v3 situation against Faze as he attempted to defend the A-site on Inferno.  

Stuck in a crossfire situation with NiKo approaching from the arch side while GuardiaN made his way through Boiler and rain coming from the pit, Skadoodle sprang into action gunning down GuardiaN and followed it up by spraying blindly into the smoke which provided cover to NiKo.  

He quickly shifted his attention to rain and after shooting him down immediately went back to NiKo to stick one through his armour and won the round after breaking through a solid crossfire setup.

Flaming into Overtime

Astralis setup a perfect Molotov trap for Fnatic on Inferno. One round away from taking the match into overtime, Astralis rushed the B-site as Magisk, gla1ve and Xyp9x positioned themselves at Banana, synchronizing their Molotov's and setting ablaze the bomb site as both KRIMZ and Xizt went down after getting caught in the centre of all the chaos.

Astralis were successful in taking the round as they took the match into overtime.

Carpet Bombing done right

Going up against Faze on Mirage with an eco-buy, Astralis went Top-Mid where they found two players from Faze shooting from the Snipers Nest through a smoke. 

Magisk, device, dupreeh and gla1ve who were all carrying a grenade each, bombed the window simultaneously getting both NiKo and GuardiaN. Putting their utility to good use and showcasing their airstrike capabilities.

The Kings of Nuke

Astralis is impossible to deal with on Nuke and the following play simply crushes a team's morale. Facing off Heroic on Nuke at the ESL Pro League Season – 8, Dupreeh and Gla1ve outplayed their opponents by synchronizing their door opening timings.

While Gla1ve opened the Deconnector door, Dupreeh at the same time opened the door at Squeaky due to which information about Gla1ve’s entry went unnoticed, helping him flank Heroic as the round was sealed by Astralis.

Honourable Memetions

When IRL thirst is more than the thirst to win

During the ESL AU&AZ Championship 2018 Season 2 – Finals between Avant and Grayhound taking place on Dust 2. Dex faced a 1v3 situation against Avant. 

Dex attempted a defuse on A-site which went uncontested as pan1k who was keeping a lookout from Pit started drinking Redbull in-between the game during which Dex crossed over to the bomb and successfully defused it.

Chicken (1) - (0) Ropz

Ropz was the last man standing for Mouz against SK Gaming on Inferno. Trying to save, Ropz tried to get inside the apartment but the door didn’t budge, thinking that there might be an enemy on the other side he fired only to find that a chicken was standing there blocking his path. 

Giving away his position it was only moments before coldzera gunned him down.

These were some of the moments that I thought were really unexpected and actually made me check the replay twice before it all sank in. Resulting in some sporadic appreciation.

Do comment below if some other moments like these could have been included in our list.


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