Team Russia qualifies for WESG 2018-World Finals in both Dota 2 & CS:GO

Aditya Singh Rawat

7th, Oct, 2018

Cover Image Courtesy: HLTV

WESG 2018 – Russia Qualifier came to an end yesterday with Team Russia qualifying for WESG 2018 – World Finals for both the CS:GO and Dota 2 events, defeating their opponents Forze and Espada, respectively.

The event which was held at IgroMir Exhibition in Moscow witnessed the match-up between Forze and Team Russia for the CS:GO event. Forze, who had qualified for the finals through the closed qualifier came face-to-face against the formidable, Team Russia, in order to book a spot in the WESG 2018 – World Finals along with a $6,000 USD cash prize.

The two teams played a BO3 series where Team Russia bested Forze in a straight set, on Train and Overpass. Both the matches were closely contested but a more experienced Team Russia were able to secure an edge over their opponents, especially in the clutch situations. Also fielding some of the best Russian players on their side, they had the individual talent to boost themselves up a long way. 

Winning the first match held on Train with a score of ‘16-13’ followed by the second match on Overpass with the score reading ‘16-14’, Team Russia defeated Forze ‘2-0’ to move onto the WESG 2018 – World Finals while also walking away with the $6,000 USD cash prize. 

With this, Team Russia becomes the second team to qualify for the World Finals and join CyberZen who qualified through the WESG 2018 – China Qualifier

 Team Russia’s line-up is as follows: 

  • Mihail ‘Dosia’ Stolyarov 

  • Denis ‘seized’ Kostin 

  • Egor ‘flamie’ Vasilyev 

  • Georgi ‘WorldEdit’ Yaskin 

  • Dmitry ‘hooch’ Bogdanov 

Forze roster is as follows: 

  • Dmitriy ‘facecrack’ Alekseyev 

  • Andrey ‘Jerry’ Mekhryakov 

  • Almaz ‘almazer’ Assadulin 

  • Bogdan xsepower Chernikov 

  • Jenya ‘liTTle’ Lebedev

Coming to Dota 2, Team Russia’s Dota 2 division went up against Team Espada in a BO5 grand finale with the winner moving onto the WESG 2018 – World Finals. 

Team Russia which fields professional Dota 2 players, four of which also play for Virtus.Pro, on its side was way above Espada’s reach, in both experience and talent. 

Team Russia’s line-up is as follows: 

  • Roman ‘Ramzes666’ Kushnarev 

  • Andrey ‘Afoninje’ Afonin 

  • Pavel ‘9pasha’ Khvastunov 

  • Vladimir ‘RodjER’ Nikogosyan 

  • Alexei ‘Solo’ Berezin 

Team Russia won the BO5 series ‘3-0’ without any trouble as Espada just failed to properly execute their draft in the last two games while they did play really well in the first game, they could not hold for long as two consecutive smoke plays from Team Russia closed the deal for Espada.

With this, Team Russia moves ahead with both its CS:GO and Dota 2 teams in the WESG 2018 – World Finals.


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