Team Kyrgyzstan defeat Word.exe at the WESG 2018 - Central Asia Closed Qualifier

Aditya Singh Rawat

18th, Nov, 2018

Cover Image Courtesy: HLTV

The WESG 2018 – Central Asia Closed Qualifier came to an end yesterday evening with a BO3 series taking place between Word.exe, the winner of the first open qualifier and Team Kyrgyzstan, winner of the second open qualifier.

This is what took place between the two teams in their BO3 match-up:

Image Credit: Liquipedia

Central Asia Closed Qualifier

Word.exe who had defeated Team Kyrgyzstan in their last encounter in the first open qualifier were stunned as Team Kyrgyzstan got their revenge by striking hard and heavy, defeating Word.exe by taking the series with a score of ‘2-0’.

Kyrgyzstan crushed their opponents in a single-sided encounter on Nuke following which Word.exe executed better plays while improving on the synchronization of their movements but Kyrgyzstan was well prepared for anything that word.exe threw at them, taking them down for a second time in a row on Inferno.

With this, Team Kyrgyzstan win the WESG 2018 – Central Asia Closed Qualifier and move on to the WESG 2018 – Central Asia Final Qualifier where they are joined by the winners from other regions of Central Asia like Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

The winner of this Central Asia Final Qualifier will be moving ahead to the WESG 2018 – Global Finals, representing the entire region of Central Asia. 

Following teams will be a part of the Central Asia Final Qualifier: 

  • Galkynysh – Turkmenistan Qualifier

  • ProdigY GamingUzbekistan Qualifier

  • K23 – Kazakhstan Qualifier

  • Team KyrgyzstanCentral Asia Closed Qualifier

The date for the Central Asia Final Qualifier is still undecided as of now.