Team Buriza win Neon Gaming Studio showmatch

Shounak Sengupta

5th, Jun, 2018

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Team Buriza recently overcame LXG Esports to win the Neon Gaming Studio showmatch. 4 teams were invited to the event with both Reckoning and Reckoning.Infinity eliminated on day 1 itself.

On day 1 of the invitational, LXG found easy pickings in their series against Reckoning. Game 1 for them was all about timing and taking teamfights on their own terms as Mino’s Medusa got to a point of no return. With Aegis in tow, there was no stopping LXG who picked up the victory. In game 2 the Bangalore boys went for a in your face draft with a 4 strength hero line up that simply doesn’t work in today’s meta. Reckoning found the win by dodging the early game and getting their cores farmed as they patiently etched out a win by 40 minutes. In the decider, Reckoning found themselves unable to deal with LXG’s magic damage coming out of the SF and the Ember Spirit. Their heroes, needed way too much time and space than LXG allowed them and LXG found themselves at a significant gold and level advantage that they never really let go of till the gg was forced.

In the other matchup of the day, Team Buriza found a clean 2-0 over Reckoning.Infinity as their mid game focused lineup featuring Lycan, Puck, Doom, AA and Nightstalker were pretty dominant when the time came. They never allowed Moon’s MK to get the farm going with his battlefury. Eventually, Infinity were forced into teamfights while Lycan went for key objectives resulting in a 40-minute victory. Game 2 was even more one-sided as Buriza found a 30-minute victory, this time showing Infinity just how the MK needs to be run.

On the second day of the invitational, it was LXG up against Buriza for a chance to win the entire event. LXG played a sloppy early game in game 1, giving Buriza’s PL and Tinker a fast start. Aghori’s Axe was key in helping Buriza win much of the early game and keep the pace in the mid game. A resurgent LXG started taking good fights in the later stages of the mid game and for a moment, Team Buriza looked like they would be caught out, but a late game Tinker and MK held out and took the win close to the hour mark.

In game 2, LXG out all their eggs in one basket putting their faith in Mino’s Medusa but Burizaz one-upped them, picking up a Spectre for themselves. Despite the Medusa farming well, all of Buriza’s heroes scaled very well into the mid and late game. On the other side, LXG’s LC and Clockwerk weren’t really the best in the late game scenario. Unlike the previous game, where Buriza prioritized their support Warlock and allowed him a lot of farm, LXG ran him as a hard support making him pretty useless as the game progressed. In the end it came down to one fight and LXG, despite a fat Medusa were unable to hold their base as Buriza claimed the 2-0 over them.

About NGS

Neon Gaming Studio is an Indian esports company that has hosted multiple esports tournaments both online and offline across India. In the past, they have held both Dota 2 and CS:GO tournaments as well as other titles like FIFA among other titles. The organizers are planning to hold a Dota 2 tournament from the 7th of June onwards, the details of which can be found here:


Similar to this invitational, they will be holding one for CS:GO in the near future as well. The details will be revealed soon.



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