Sw1fty leaves Entity Gaming

Vignesh Raghuram

4th, Sep, 2017
One of India’s most successful Dota 2 players. 7k MMR Midlaner, Jeet "Sw1fty" Kundra has announced on Facebook that he is no longer part of Entity Gaming's active roster.

This news is also accompanied by another one. Entity Gaming is shifting its bootcamp to Manila, Philippines. We expect them to release a statement on this soon.

Sw1fty enjoyed a largely successful run with Entity Gaming, being part of the organization from its inception. With their 5th to 8th place finish in the ROG Masters 2016 being the highlight of his run with the organization.

While he says he has no concrete plans for his future, we are sure that a player of his caliber will not be absent for too long in the Indian scene. A statement received from Entity Gaming's manager Sid Joshi clarifies that while Swifty has left the roster, he continues to be a part of Entity Gaming and is under contract.


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