StarSeries I-League Season 6: A Guide To Kiev

Aditya Singh Rawat

23rd, Aug, 2018

StarSeries I-League Season 6 is well on its way towards the main event, scheduled to take place from 7th-14th October in Kiev, Ukraine.  

The main event will be divided into two phases of which the group stage will be taking place from 7th-11th October followed by the playoffs on 12th-14th October.  

16 Teams will be taking part in the event via a combination of 8 direct invites and 8 qualified teams.

 Qualified Teams 

StarSeries initially planned to include 4 regional qualifier teams however that number was later increased to 8. 

The final 8 teams to make it through their respective regional qualifiers are as follows: 


EU Qualifier  

  • Fragsters 

  • The Imperial 

  • Sprout 

  • OpTic Gaming 

NA Qualifier

  • NRG Esports 

  • compLexity Gaming 


  • TyLoo 

  • CyberZen

Direct Invites 

Out of the 8 direct invites, 2 of them are still to be decided and will be added to the roster soon enough. Na'Vi has announced that they will be skipping the event.

For now, the 6 direct invites travelling to Kiev are:

  • Fnatic 

  • Gambit Esports 

  • HellRaisers 

  • Ninjas in Pyjamas 

  • North 

  • Renegades 

Group Stage 

The group stage will be played in a BO1, Swiss Format which will witness 8 teams moving onto the playoffs while the other 8 will be eliminated out of the tournament. 

The initial brackets will be randomly drawn and haven’t been declared yet.


The 8 teams qualifying through the group stage will then compete against each other in a BO3 single elimination bracket with the finals being a BO5.

The tournament offers a prize pool of $300,000 with all 16 teams winning a portion of it. 

The main event will be streamed live on Twitch

Recaps of all previous matches that took place in the regional qualifiers are available HERE.



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