Starladder ImbaTV Minor: Mineski qualify for Minor after dominating performance

Shounak Sengupta

24o, May, 2019

*Cover image source: @Adela Sznajder | Dreamleague Season 11

Mineski kept their chances of making it to EPICENTER alive with a dominant performance in the Starladder Minor SEA Qualifiers. The team can still make it to the Major now, if they are to finish in the top 2 at the LAN. Having qualified for the last 2 Majors, Mineski fell short in the EPICENTER qualifiers as TNC Predator were able to take the spot along with Fnatic.


However, the Minor gives 2 teams a chance to reach the Major and then pick up the requisite points for a direct TI9 spot. In the SEA quals, Mineski breezed through day 1, and took on the Power of MYSG+AU in the grand finals. The team which did well in the EPICENTER quals, were unable to go up against Mineski’s might.


Game 1 saw a surprise Techies pick by Mineski, which caught their opponents off-guard. Mineski’s lead grew and grew, and the enemy didn’t have the lineup to scale and catch up, as Mineski picked up a comfortable win. Game 2 went in a similar fashion as Mineski exploded in the mid-game with Moon’s TA and AhJit’s Ember Spirit.


A comfortable 2-0 in the grand finals, puts Mineski through to the LAN, where they will now take on the likes of Complexity, Ehome etc. The final list of teams attending the Minor will be confirmed later today after the EU and SA qualifiers are finished.


Does Mineski have what it takes to reach the top 2 at the Minor?