Spanish-Slovak team Queso booked for deliberately throwing their match

Aditya Singh Rawat

21o, May, 2019

Cover Image Courtesy: Team Queso

A match-throwing scandal came into light yesterday at the currently ongoing local Spanish CS:GO league called the Professional Videogame League - Superliga 2019.

In a match taking place between Queso and Tenerife Titans in the group stage of the event. Queso who were leading well enough in the game suddenly lost their lead and the game, going down 16-14 to Titans.

Queso made multiple questionable plays during the last few rounds which lead to the accusation that the team had intentionally thrown the game and lost it. The reason behind losing out on the game was so that the team could avoid facing the Portuguese team, Giants, who are one of the more favoured teams to win the event.

The admins of the event immediately got in touch with the ESIC (Esports Integrity Coalition) to check if there had been any strange betting patterns related to the match. This was done to check whether the sole reason for throwing the match was only due to the purpose of seeding or was there more to it.

ESIC found no fluctuations in the betting pattern and the suspicion was denied.

The admins moved on to find some solid evidence to prove that Queso had indeed lost the match on purpose. So they started going through the match log and found the following remarks and comments being made by Queso’s players,

“It was hard to lose this round, I don’t know why you won the last one.”

“It’s hard to not kill them, I missed 30 bullets shooting him in the back  and he didn’t even turn around.”

“We’ll throw on the CT side.”

This was enough proof to know that Queso had deliberately lost the match. The tournament organizers, LVP announced a seven-match ban on all the five players while also disqualifying them from the upcoming Playoffs.

Hearing out LVP’s decision Queso announced that they agree with their decision and will not object to it. Further, the organization stated that they would be parting ways with the current roster as they are deeply hurt and ashamed of what took place.

The lineup which is no longer a part of Queso was as follows,

  • Peter ‘shhhack’ Belej

  • Michal ‘EMENK’ Belej

  • Carlos ‘sc4rx’ Sánchez

  • Pere ‘sausol’ Solsona Saumell

  • Omar ‘arki’ Chakkor