So You Think You Can Dotes! - A Video Clip Submission Contest

Nishant Patel

23o, Jun, 2014
Our in-house video editors are kicking off an all new series - So You Think You Can Dotes!

The Concept : Nothing too fancy really. Send in your best Dota 2 moments and we'll whip em up into a video and publish it via our YouTube Channel!

Is that all? : Nope! Cooler Master India is backing the initiative by awarding goodies to the first two submissions! The top submission of the first two episodes will each receive the following :

1 x Cooler Master Ceres 300 Headset


SWEET! How do I get my clip engraved in Dota 2 history?
Send in your submissions to [email protected] through the following steps :

Step 1 : Download and open your replay from your Dota 2 profile
Step 2 : Forward to the point you want to send us and click 'copy to clipboard'


Step 3 : Right click and select 'paste' or simply hit 'Ctrl + v' in any text box (Word, Notepad or even your e-mail composer).

You should see a line of text that looks something like this : dota2://matchid=609923065&matchtime=983

Step 4 : Send in your entry along with a short description of what we should be looking for in the clip to [email protected]

Entries will be processed on a rolling basis. We intend to release two episodes a month (maybe more depending on the number of submissions we receive).

Your clips could be anything from an awesome individual play to a team performance. As long as it's entertaining and fun to watch, you stand a chance to get your clip featured!
Headsets will only be shipped within India