Skemberlu returns to Geek Fam

Shounak Sengupta

11th, Jul, 2018

Cover image source: @teamgeekfam
Geek Fam have announced that Andrei ‘Skemberlu’ Ong will be returning to the team after having left them in March to play for TaskUs Titans. Geek Fam played some of their best Dota with Skemberlu and were consistently making it to the top spots in the SEA Regionals for the DPC events.

Since his departure, their form has declined and Geek Fam will be looking to build their team for the next season. Skemberlu himself didn’t have too much luck with TaskUs Titans and both teams were unable to qualify for the SEA Regionals for TI8.

His arrival probably means that vtFaded will either be moved to the sub role or leave the team, but, no official announcement has been made as of now. Skemberlu previously played in India for Team Signify but it was only a short stint before he moved to the Malaysian org.

In an earlier interview, Skemberlu mentioned that his goal for 2018 was to qualify for a minor/major and TI8. He may still be able to do so with Geek Fam once the new season starts. The Geek Fam lineup is as follows










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