Signify wins WESG 2018: West and South Asia Qualifier #1

Vignesh Raghuram

8th, Nov, 2018

In one of the best DotA 2 series in the South Asian region, Indian powerhouse Signify swept Pakistani fan-favourites Prometheus Gaming 2-0 in the finals of the WESG 2018: West and South Asia Qualifier #1 to put them within touching distance of qualifying to the LAN event.

Originally slated for a 6:30 PM, the match between Signify and Prometheus Gaming was delayed by a little bit before it kicked off at 07:00 PM.


Signify vs Prometheus Gaming


Game 1: Prometheus Gaming got off to a great start in the laning phase, outfarming and outexecuting Signify with their Alchemist-centric lineup. They transitioned quite well into the Mid Game. However, Signify struck back in the later stages thanks to a fantastic Magnus performance from Crowley which secured them the win.

Game 2: This time, it was Signify’s turn to get off to a good start. Snowballing on his signature Templar Assassin, Swifty garnered himself a massive networth advantage and used that to mow down Signify towers securing 5 Barracks without reply. However, just like the previous game the tide of the match turned thanks to an RP. Only this time, it was Ahsan’s Rubick who struck with a stolen RP team wiping Signify.

Sh1zzy’s Morphling was able to catchup with Signify’s cores and was dealing some serious damage. But Signify quite simply out-executed the Pakistani team to claim a hard fought 2-0 victory.

With this win, Signify move on to the Grand Finals where they await the winner of WESG 2018: West and South Asia Qualifier #2. The winner of that match will move on to the WESG 2018: World Finals held in Chongqing, China.


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