Signify to expand into CS:GO and PUBG Mobile

Vignesh Raghuram

7o, Nov, 2018

One of the most successful organizations in Indian Dota, Signify has revealed that they are looking to expand into CS:GO and PUBG Mobile in the coming weeks.

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Signify is India’s most successful Dota team having won 8 LANs in a row, and have not lost a single tournament since their inception. Their reported entry into the Indian CS:GO scene is sure to be met with high expectations from Indian CS:GO fans.

PUBG Mobile is the most downloaded App in Apple’s App Store, and is amongst the Top 5 most downloaded Apps in Google’s Play Store. The popularity of the game has crept into casual gamers, hence Signify’s expansion into this territory is not really that surprising.

“Signify was founded with the aim of establishing a professional team with a strong backing that could represent the region at any International tournament as well as provide talented gamers the opportunity to compete at the highest level.” said Signify’s Founder, Mr. Rajdip Gupta in a press release posted on their Facebook page. “We believe we have achieved this goal with our Dota 2 team and want to replicate the same success with our upcoming CS:GO and PUBG Mobile teams as well. Apart from these upcoming rosters, we’re also considering a number of other esports titles”

While Indian Dota is constantly appearing and competing in International competitions like the PVP Esports Championships and the Acer Predator League, Indian CS:GO hasn’t seen much success in International LANs. So Signify’s entry into the realm could be the final push the scene needs to cement Indian CS:GO’s place in the upper echelons of Asian Counter-Strike.

As always, we’re intrigued to see how the latest expansion works out for the popular organisation.