Signify narrowly defeat ROG TiTans in the Fall Season Finale

Vignesh Raghuram

14th, Oct, 2018

After two days of intense gameplay, a champion has been crowned at the ESL India Premiership 2018 - Fall Season Finale. It is Signify, who secured their fourth consecutive ESL India Premiership title, after one of the most intense BO3 series we’ve seen in quite a while.

ROG TiTans managed to push Signify right to the brink pulling off some incredible plays in the process and making it clear that the gulf between Signify and the rest of the contenders is closing.

Here’s what went down on Day 2 of the ESL India Premiership 2018 - Fall Season Finale


Game 1:

The first game of the best-of-three series went in favour of Signify, though it wasn't easy for them. A fair few trades came in from both Signify and ROG TiTans when it came to team fights, though ultimately they evidently went in the former's favour. The gold lead switched between the sides numerous times, but in the end, Signify managed to come out on top in just over 45 minutes.


Game 2:

The second match in the series was an entirely different story, with ROG TiTans looking dominant from the start. The draft had a part to play in this early strength, ZxC's Huskar and Archmage's Terrorblade were particularly effective, whereas Swifty's Tiny failed to impact the game in the way that was needed. While the kill-score was even, ROG TiTans ability to secure objectives thanks to ZeDisBuGG’s Shadow Shaman and the Terrorblade was ultimately the difference maker as they closed out Game 2 in 42 Minutes and secured the win.


Game 3:

The series reaching a third and final match was the most dramatic way that the winner could have been decided, and it didn’t disappoint. Signify started off well, and despite being challenged by ROG TiTans, they managed to persist thanks to tight-knit teamwork in team battles, focusing their heroes on the right heroes that their opponents were using, and never taking their foot off the gas from there. But the game was still evenly poised.

ROG TiTans, however, made a couple of misplays in clutch situations which handed over the momentum to Signify and allowed BlizzarD to literally ball out of control and decimate the ROG TiTans backline in subsequent fights. It took 41 minutes for ROG TiTans to concede mega-creeps and to declare "gg" and concede the loss to the new ESL India Premiership Fall Season Finale champions, Signify.



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