Signify Guaranteed at least a fourth place finish at Predator League

Vignesh Raghuram

20o, Jan, 2018
Signify have advanced to the next round thanks to a phenomenal performance against the Thailand-based team, Alpha Red. They have now secured themselves a Top-4 berth in the Predator League 2018.
Here is a short recap of Signify’s performance in the 2nd round of the Loser Bracket.
Signify vs Alpha Red

Game 1:

This game was all about Raunak ‘Crowley’ Sen’s Tinker and Moin ‘No_Chanc3’ Ejaz’s Enchantress. The rotations to the midlane by No_Chanc3’s Enchantress set the tempo for the game. Alpha Red’s midlane Storm Spirit was crippled by the multiple kills in the early game failing to build any sort of momentum in the early game.

Come mid-game, Negi’s Beastmaster allowed Signify to gain complete control of the map. Using their early game momentum, Signify was able to win a massive fight near the Roshan Pit that earned them a stronger lead and the Aegis advantage with which they attempted to break high ground and forced 5 buybacks.
Signify was able to easily win the subsequent fight and then the game after that point.
Game 2:

Signify once again took the early lead in game two with multiple early game kills that turned into a few towers taken. Signify grew their lead with more kills and more towers. But they just couldn’t halt Fearless’s momentum on his Medusa. A couple Roshan sneaks by Alpha Red allowed them to get back into the game. Using the Aegis advantage, Alpha Red was able to win team fights and recover some of their deficit.

But Signify played a strong and controlled style that did not allow Alpha Red to gain any more ground in the game. A great pickoff on the Medusa just as the Aegis expired gave Signify an opening to win the game. Signify took full advantage of it, by forcing a fight at the enemy high ground and killing off the Medusa once again to take a commanding game two win over Alpha Red and the series victory.

Signify will now advance to the Loser Bracket Semi-Finals where they will face the winner of Ten Twenty vs Quid Pro Quo. The match is expected to take place later today.