Signify fall to Keen Gaming, TNC Predator defeat coL in an action-packed day at ESL One Mumbai

Vignesh Raghuram

16th, Apr, 2019

Image Credits: TNC Predator

It was a rough start at ESL One Mumbai for the Indian favourites: Signify and NA hopefuls: compLexity Gaming.

Signify and Complexity Gaming both dropped their first match of the day, losing to Keen Gaming and compLexity respectively. While not being able to win a map in the series was bad for Signify, coL’s loss to the highly inconsistent TNC Predator team (who have failed to qualify for 4 DPC events in a row) comes out as much worse.


coL vs TNC Predator


The series didn’t start off very well for coL. They dropped the first game in just 32 minutes after a spectacular Batrider performance from Kuku, but they were able to bounce back. In the second map, coL showed the form that saw them qualify for the Disneyland Major with a Meracle Terrorblade that chewed through the TNC lineup.

Game three, however, was an outright stomp from the Filipino team. coL just crumbled against the might of Armel’s Refresher-Aghs Razor and conceded the game.

They will now face Na’Vi in the Losers’ match tomorrow. TNC Predator, on the other hand, will face Team Team later today in the Winner’s Match for a spot in the Upper brackets.



Keen Gaming vs Signify


Arguably the strongest team in the tournament, Keen Gaming came into the match looking strong and confident.

The opening game was one of the shortest of the event thus far at just over 22 minutes, with Keen Gaming just decimating their opponents in all three lanes. It turned into a one-sided stomp down the stretch as the Chinese team refused to give Signify any ground and secured a quick 1-0 lead in this series.

After that game one win, Keen Gaming went on to Swoop their opponents in yet another 22-minute stomp and waltzed their way into the Winner’s match on the back of yet another amazing performance from Kaka.



The other Group A match of the day saw TeamTeam 2-0 Na’Vi in one of the most thrilling games of the tournament so far. In Group B, Mineski is currently battling The Pango to determine who will compete against Keen Gaming in the Winner’s match


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