Signify Dota 2 beat down LXG Esports to the Lower Brackets

Vignesh Raghuram

23rd, Dec, 2018

The DreamHack India Invitational’s Winner Bracket match between LXG Esports and Signify finally kicked off at 09:30 PM, after several delays. It was a comprehensive victory for Signify Dota 2 as they took down LXG Esports 2-0, quite unlike their epic game yesterday.

Signify vs LXG Esports


Game 1 was a clean victory for Signify as they did not record a single death throughout the entire game taking down LXG Esports 22-0, establishing their dominance.

Game 2 was much closer with the teams trading relatively evenly in terms of the kills department. However, Signify’s minus-armour strategy was just a bit too powerful for LXG Esports to overcome, and hence they conceded the game and the series.

Signify will now take on Neon Esports in the Upper Bracket finals while LXG Esports will be fighting in a BO1 elimination match, against Mineski in the Lower Brackets.



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