Signify bow out of WESG 2018 after loss to Miracle’s team in the West and South Asia Qualifier finals

Shounak Sengupta

26th, Dec, 2018

Cover image source: Adela Sznajder | ESL

December has turned out to be a poor month for Signify after their loss in the DreamHack India Invitational was followed by their elimination from the WESG 2018 qualifiers. The Indian team has dominated the local circuit for more than a year and have been untouchable in Indian LANs, but success on an international stage still eludes them. While they had some impressive performances at the PvP Esports Championship in Singapore this year, they still don’t look like a team capable of being a regular challenger in the SEA scene.


Signify looked sharp in the WESG 2018 South Asia qualifiers, taking down Prometheus Gaming in the grand finals quite convincingly. However, they faced a similar situation against the Jordanian stack of Orcus earlier today in the West and South Asia qualifier finals. Miracle’s stack, features names like Mage- and Afromoush in their lineup and the team took down Gh’s Team Lebanon to emerge as the contenders from West Asia.


Since both regions have only one slot combined in the main event, the two teams, played out a bo3 to determine who would get to represent their country in China, next year. Orcus came out on top taking the series 2-0 and will now get a chance to represent Jordan in the WESG 2018 main event. Signify started out well in game 1, using No_Chanc3’s NP and Swifty’s Dazzle to get early objectives and build up a small lead. Despite being able to bring down two tier 3 towers, Signify were unable to breach high ground as their lineup began to lose steam against a farmed OD coming out of MagE-. Orcus won multiple team fights, with a Magnus on their side and their cores got fatter and fatter, eventually blowing Signify out of the map and forcing the gg.


In game 2, Signify gave away too many early kills to Miracle’s Anti-Mage, allowing to pick up a relatively quick Battlefury. Signify found some key wins thanks to their Magnus and Tiny being able to set up good fights, but were unable to pressure the Orcus cores enough. Their devastating duo support of Lich and Grimstroke made it a nightmare for Signify to fight especially when an RP wasn’t available and Orcus abused this to find pickoffs and objectives. The vision coming out of Beastmaster allowed Orcus to take a Roshan at the 27-minute mark and they methodically carved out the win in the minutes that followed.


With that 2018 comes to an end for Signify and while it wasn’t the best of Decembers, they still have a lot to look forward to in 2019. Miracle and Orcus move onto the main event of WESG which will take place in March of 2019.


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