Should Voicelines and Ranked Roles expire with the TI8 Battlepass?

Vignesh Raghuram

12o, Aug, 2018

One of the best features of the TI Battlepass is the Voice Lines that Valve introduced in TI7’s Battle Pass. However, unlike other items like Hero Cosmetics and Taunts, the voice lines expire along with the Battle Pass, only to return next year with the next compendium where you once again need to spend a significant amount of money to unlock them.

But there are other things that expire with the Battlepass as well.

  • Mutation Mode

  • Ranked Roles

  • Cavern Crawl

  • The Underhollow

  • The Seasonal Terrain

  • Item Effects, Fountain Effects, Teleport effects

  • River Vials

But unlike most other things that expire with the Battlepass, the voicelines are usually behind a significantly higher paywall which in my opinion is the best incentive to level up your Battle Pass.

From TobiWan's "It's a disastah" to MineskiTV's "Lakad Mataang!! Normalin! Normalin!", we've dreamed to spam it all! Quotes from the Russian and Chinese commentators were also available, and during the Battlepass duration, several players have made use of the Chat Wheel commands as a way to show their response to events in the game to their team-mates and viewers at home. Now this begs the question, will or should Valve let us keep the new Chat Wheel voicelines, or will the novelty wear off if they let us keep them all year long?


One solution could be to integrate the TI8 voicelines with Dota Plus. This incentivizes Dota Plus subscribers to extend their memberships. Currently, many Dota Plus subscribers are vocally unhappy with the experience. This would be a welcome addition for those players.



Save Ranked Roles?

The other prominent feature in the Battle Pass that most Dota 2 fans will not want to let go is the Ranked Roles matchmaking system. I think it’s safe to say that it is quite a huge success in all brackets except Ancient. People no longer get tilted by picks and the fact that people actively get to play what they want to, makes us wonder why this hasn’t been a feature of Dota 2, for longer.

Currently, the only issue with the Role queuing is the lower player base thanks to paywall restrictions. But if Valve decides to integrate it to the usual matchmaking client after TI, that should be solved as well.

All signs point towards a Post-TI inclusion of the Ranked Roles. Now the ball is in Valve’s court, will they include it in the Dota 2 client or will they want to make further changes/improvements before integrating them? We’ll just have to wait to find out.