Sherdils triumph in the tiebreaker to move onto the finals

Shounak Sengupta

21st, Feb, 2018
The Sherdils became the final team to move into the grand finals after winning a thrilling encounter against the Marksmen last night. The match ended up in a tie in the normal course of things which forced a tiebreaker that the Sherdils eventually won.
The Sherdils picked up yet another 3 points in Tekken courtesy of Huns. The man is still unbeaten at U Cypher and things are likely to stay that way by the looks of things. The Sherdils, meanwhile came back to snatch 3 points in Real Cricket to tie up the score.
Marksmen exploit the Sherdils’s weaknesses on Overpass
The Marksmen have been the better the team in Counter-Strike with double the victories to that of the Sherdils, but RiTz and his boys had come prepared for a fight. It was only the second overpass pick for the season, with the Sherdils already having lost on it earlier and the pick certainly was a hurdle for them.
The Marksmen’s form has dipped in the second half of the season and their drop in confidence was clearly visible from the get-go. However, they made some smart adjustments like allowing Veerbhadra to wield the AWP while Rix played as a rifler. The Sherdilsfavoured the B site heavily, time and again rushing it but with limited success. Soon the Marksmen were leading 7-2. Finally, the fast B play worked as Freaky got 2 crucial opening kills to open up the site. From there on the Sherdils started playing with more purpose, switching up styles often and the half ended at 8-7 favouring the Marksmen.
Just like the first half, the Sherdils started the second half meekly, playing some positions where there was no scope for a trade frag. They would lose quite a few rounds before realizing their mistake and the score was a 15-8 soon after. Despite an attempt at a comeback, the Marksmen were unwilling to let go of 7 match points and shut things down at 16-13 when Veerbhadra stood in the flames to deny Falken the defuse.
The Marksmen get struck by lightning
The Sherdils have been a side to beat in Dota 2 and they proved it once again. Their last pick Razor pretty much had no counters and ran amok in the game stealing damage from the melee cores each and every time. With a Puck, Sand King, Disruptor and an Underlord all providing AOE control and damage, all the Razor had to was stick onto a core and pound away.
The early game was fairly even in terms of farm and net worth but the Marksmen had no contest against the Sherdils 5 man. They had limited ways to clear waves and very little high ground defence and the Sherdils just ran them ragged in the mid-game clashes. A smart Roshan play secured the Aegis for Razor just put the Sherdils in an unlosable place and they forced out the gg soon after. A pretty one-sided game for a semi-final and the Sherdils managed to even out the score at 8-8.
Sherdils bust open the doors to the finals
The tiebreaker was decided as Counter-Strike and the Marksmen who had already won 3 previous encounters were bound to feel happy. However, Sharan ‘buster’ Dave had something to say about it as he destroyed the Marksmen on mirage, avenging their earlier loss and allowing the Sherdils to move into the finals. He dropped a massive 30 bomb to secure the win for his team.
The Marksmen started off strong but quickly lost the plot, finding themselves constantly outplayed by the Sherdils who was on the CT side. The first half went 9-6 for the Sherdils, who simply used the fact that Mirage is a slightly CT favoured map to their advantage. The second half was much closer as the Marksmen tied things up after winning the pistol but again the Sherdils clawed out the required rounds to reach map point. Under tremendous pressure and on the verge of being eliminated from the tournament, the Marksmen eventually folded giving up the map 16-13.
With this, the Sherdils move onto the grand finals where they will face the Yakshas while the Marksmen will play out the 3rd/4th decider against the Akramaks.


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