Secret and Empire go blow for blow

Nishant Patel

3rd, Aug, 2017
Day 1 of The International 7 group stages are under way. Team Secret started off with a rocky start dropping their first game to Team Empire. Speculation was ripe about whether or not Resolution would prove to be a fitting replacement for Chappie, however, all doubts were laid to rest after watching his Luna in action. A particularly interesting moment came in the form of Resolution sneaking a set of barracks on the top lane in game 1 which paved the way for a momumental comeback from Team Empire. This was despite a crushing early game from Team Secret where MidOne's Viper completely dominated fn's Queen of Pain with a little help from Puppey's Vengeful Spirit and Yapzor's Nightstalker.

Game 2, however, went Team Secret's way. Ironically, the shoe was on the opposite foot with Team Secret now making a comeback versus Empire after the latter had an advantageous early game.

Around 34 minutes in, MidOne claimed a triple kill post which Team Secret proceeded to claim two lanes of barracks. 4 minutes later, the gg was called and Team Secret had levelled the series at one a piece.


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