Season 6 of Asian Pro League announced

Aditya Singh Rawat

1st, Mar, 2019

Cover Image Courtesy: Csgo2Asia

Asian Pro League has just announced its sixth season which observes an increase in the prize pool for Division 2. The new season is scheduled to start today, 1st March from 21:30 (IST) onwards.

The new season witnesses an increase in the prize pool for the low tier bracket who are looking to grind their way onto the upper echelons of the league. Division 2 of Asian Pro League now offers 10 skins in addition to 10,000 FACEIT Points while Division 1 and Pro Division offer the same $500 and $1000 as cash respectively.

The move to increase the prize pool of Division 2 is aimed at attracting more number of users towards APL as they have been experiencing lower activity since a while now. APL is also going to announce a few sponsors in the coming weeks which is really great, as it will allow them to roll out content such as streams, frag highlights of division winners and much more.

To achieve this, they are accepting applications for the position of moderator and administrator.

Winners of Season 5

Pro Division

Week 1-2

  • DubsteP - $300

  • qqGod - $150

  • f0rsakeN - $50

Week 3-4

  • Lenne - $300

  • qqGod - $150

  • Fl1pzjder - $50

Division 1

  • SA - $200 + APL Pro Invite

  • RimboinG - $125 + APL Pro Invite

  • CHASERRRR - $75

  • Shadder2k - $50

  • Fluke0137 - $50

Important Changes in Season 6

  • ‘Hall of Shame’ is now available for public viewing and also has a new ‘Live’ feature added to it, which helps update the list in real-time.

  • Removed some inactive players from the Pro Divison while adding a select few invites from various other countries. (Details will be provided shortly)

  • Prize pool increased for Division 2, giving a chance to the top 20 players to win something.