SEA Kappa season 2 registrations are now open

Nishant Patel

11o, May, 2016
The registrations for the regional qualifiers for the second season of SEA Kappa are now open. Teams will battle it out online for a chance to win a share of the USD 10,000 prize pool. The tournament is set to span four seasons with a total prize pool of USD 50,000. Fnatic emerged victorious at the end of the first season while Signature.Trust claimed the runner up spot.

Season 2 comes with a few additions and changes to the tournament. The qualifiers will be conducted on FaceIT. Last season, regional qualifiers were conducted for Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia along with one combined qualifier for the rest of SEA.

This season, India will replace Singapore as one of the regions for the qualifier while two Open qualifiers will be held for teams from all regions.
Tournament Dates and Details

Open qualifiers will take place once the regional qualifiers have concluded between the 16th and 19th of May to provide teams that did not qualify with a second chance.

Prizes :
  • Winner : USD 7,500
  • Runner Up : USD 2,500

Registration is free of charge and must be done online via FaceIT.

Regional Qualifier Details
Date : All regional qualifiers will begin on Saturday, 14th May.
Check In-Time : 8:30 a.m. IST / 11 a.m. SGT

Tournament Start Time : 9:30 a.m. IST / 12 p.m. SGT

Registration Links :
  • Vietnam Qualifier : Click HERE
  • India Qualifier : Click HERE
  • Thailand Qualifier : Click HERE
  • Philippines Qualifier : Click HERE
  • Indonesia Qualifier : Click HERE
  • Malaysia Qualifier : Click HERE

Open Qualifier 1 Details
Date : Monday, 16th May

Check In Time : 15:30 IST / 18:00 SGT

Start Time : 16:30 IST / 19:00 SGT

Registration Link : Click HERE

Open Qualifier 2 Details

Date : Wednesday, 18th May.

Check In Time : 15:30 IST / 18:00 SGT

Start Time : 16:30 IST / 19:00 SGT

Registration Link : Click HERE

The top eight teams from the regional and open qualifiers will join eight directly invited teams at the main event. Dates for the main event have not been announced yet.

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