?RRQ unable to put on a convincing display at the GESC Indonesia Minor

Shounak Sengupta

16th, Mar, 2018
*Cover image source: Liquepedia

RRQ once again were outclassed, this time by the Peruvian squad, Infamous. At this point, anything beyond a last place finish will be a miracle for them. The series lasted 50 minutes before Infamous completed the 2-0 sweep.
Infamous set the pace, right from game 1 with a super aggressive draft involving a Gyrocopter, LS, Tide and Sand King. While RRQ had the right ideas in the draft, they never managed to get online as Infamous stomped all over them from minute 1. 3 of their heroes finished without a single kill to their name as the gg was called at the 21-minute mark.
Game 2 would not be as one-sided as the first, however, Infamous were pretty much in control of the entire game as their Razor finished with a 17-0-6 record. While Rusman’s CK managed to get some kills on the board for RRQ, their midlane Tinker had little to no impact. The game folded at 30 minutes and Infamous were ahead by a good 30k net worth and two sets of barracks without breaking a sweat.
The Final Tribe takes down Digital Chaos
Elsewhere, Swedish side, Final Tribe triumphed over Digital Chaos in a 2-1 victory. DC tied up the series after losing game 1 but allowed TFT to pick up a similar draft in the decider as game 1 which led to their downfall. Ritsu’s Void was completely countered by a NAGA pick up from TFT as the Chronosphere’s had very little impact in the game.
Like RRQ, DC too will start off in round 1 of the playoffs and have to survive a gruelling bo1 to make it to the quarterfinals. Their opponents will be decided by the end of the day


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