ROG TiTans triumph in the Dew Arena 3.0

Vignesh Raghuram

7th, Oct, 2018

Following a full best-of-three series, the victors of the Dew Arena 3.0 has finally been decided.

ROG TiTans, who stepped into the Grand Finals having lost to LXG Esports in the Qualifiers as well as the Group Stages, finally managed to bring them down by a score of 2-1 at The Dew Arena 3.0 grand finals here at Leisure Valley, Gurgaon. The series lasted over four hours and saw both teams push each other to the absolute edge.

Game 1


ROG TiTans kicked off the first game of the series with an incredibly convincing early game. The main target for the aggression was Kaneki’s Queen of Pain, who went down several times by the 15-minute mark. Simultaneously, ROG TiTans were also able to pressure the offlane, which eventually became the home of ana due to the continued aggression.

However, Mino kept LXG Esports in the game with some terrific farming patterns and rotations on his Alchemist instigating a comeback. ZxC and A35 picked up rapiers on the Mirana and the Monkey King in attempt to close out the game. But it backfired as LXG Esports managed to pull off a miracle hold, and secured a Rapier for their own Wraith King. After several teamfights, LXG finally managed to land a killer blow and closed out the game, going 1-0 up in the series.


Game 2


The second game of the series saw ROG TiTans continue their aggression, with EvilAsh providing the highlights. Playing as the Nyx Assassin, the 4 position player quickly began dominating Kaneki’s Ursa in the Top lane. Once Evil Ash began roaming around the map, things got even more ridiculous, with LXG’s heroes standing little to no chance against the Nyx-Invoker combo.

As the game progressed, LXG wwascontained on their side of the map, which ROG TiTans had complete vision over. Without a solid backbone in Mino to aid them in teamfights, Kaneki was quickly demolished, and was unable to have any significant impact in the game, giving ROG TiTans their first victory in the series.

Game 3


Evil Ash, yet again, set the pace for ROG TiTans’ early game, playing as Nyx Assassin. The TiTans quickly took a lead in terms of kills as all three lanes started out in their favour.

The sole shining light in the third game for LXG was Mino, whose Phantom Lancer quickly took the lead in terms of net worth. Fighting against him was nay impossible in the mid game, so ROG TiTans simply avoided him as much as possible, instead favouring pickoffs or extended teamfights when he wasn’t present. Which allowed them to snowball their Monkey King and Invoker to ridiculous net worths after which the PL became easy pickings. LXG Esports were unable to stem the tide, and hence were forced to concede the match and the series.


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