RIP Wallets - Steam Cash On Delivery is here

Vignesh Raghuram

24o, Dec, 2016
Gamers across India rejoice. We can finally get Steam wallet codes at our doorstep using the newly introduced cash-on-delivery feature of Steam. Valve has decided to partner itself with Novaplay to bring us our steam wallet codes straight to our doorstep. With Steam’s Winter sale well on the way this is the perfect opportunity for us to finally buy games with ease.
Gamers all across India were greated by this pleasant suprised when they opened Steam.

In addition to the Cash-On-Delivery service, several other payment methods like Paytm Wallets and the netbanking facilities which were also made available by Valve.



Several people have misunderstood this announcement. The games won't be delivered to you in the form of DVDs/Bluray disks. Novaplay will send you the wallet codes which you may use to add funds to your steam wallet. These funds can then be used to purchase the game digitally.

This is a big step up for the Novaplay organization who also run the Indian Valve servers for both CS:GO and Dota 2. They are also packaging in a new social community for Indian gamers at

This could very well be the final hurdle dropped for digital games purchase (from Steam) in the Indian Subcontinent region. We can only hope that other stores like Blizzard official store, Origin, PSN store and GOG take notice.

Not sure what to buy with your newly added steam money? These are in my opinion the 10 best bang-for-buck games currently on the steam winter sale along with their prices.

1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - GOTY Edition  - ?599
2. DOOM (2016)                                             - ?999
3. Rocket League                                            - ?339
4. Tom Clancy’s The Division                         - ?739
5. Portal Bundle                                              - ?140
6. Just Cause 3 XL                                          - ?352
7. Baldur’s Gate 2                                           - ?226
8. Cities: Skylines                                            - ?182
9. Crusader Kings II                                        - ?212
10. Civilization 5                                             - ?374