Renegades take down Vitality to qualify onto the Champions Stage of IEM Katowice 2019

Aditya Singh Rawat

23o, Feb, 2019

Cover Image Courtesy: Intel Extreme Masters

The third day of the New Legends Stage was not consistent with the first two days of the event with Na’Vi and MIBR both winning their matches easily and qualifying onto the Champions Stage. AVANGAR and NiP are still in contention for a chance to move on to the next stage as they drop down to the Elimination Bracket. 

Leaving the two predictable games aside, the most entertaining match-up of the day between the galloping Renegades and the French powerhouse Vitality was one hell of a showdown going down to the wire. The Aussies were the one who came out victorious after a long and tiring hustle came to an end on Inferno with Vitality dropping down to the Elimination Bracket.

Australian Hustle

The struggle to make it to the Champions Stage started on Dust 2 between Renegades and Vitality. Vitality was quite confident on their pick but it turned out to be a bane instead of a boon as Renegades were on fire right from the start. 

Though Dust 2 is amongst the least played maps for the Australian side they seemed to handle themselves pretty well, as they strategically won rounds one after the other. They were equally impressive defending the sites as they were when planting on them, taking down the Vitality by a score of ‘16-5’. 

Vitality was not done yet, they pulled themselves back on Cache to break even. Early aggression helped Vitality secure the first seven rounds but Renegades broke their streak, taking the next eight rounds to come out in the lead after the first half. 

The second half was a struggle which ended with Vitality winning and taking the game onto the decider on Inferno. The first half was not really great for Renegades as they could only manage to win 8 rounds playing as CT’s, but somehow found ways to break through Vitality’s defences mustering six consecutive rounds to their name. 

Not yet given up on the match, the French fired back in full force to win 5 rounds in a row but in their sixth attempt, Renegades pulled off a phenomenal execute while playing on a half-buy round shutting down Vitality and sealing victory on the Inferno.

Renegades who have been a constant presence in multiple majors have finally for the first time qualified onto the Champions Stage here at the IEM Katowice 2019. The Australian side has gone way ahead of what was expected of them, hope they can finish off on a high giving it their all till the very end. 

They have also managed to achieve their highest global ranking on the HLTV’s rank list, as they currently stand on the eight position. Let’s see for how long can they maintain this hold within the top ten rankings.

Tomorrow’s schedule is as follows: 

  • ENCE vs G2 | 17:30 IST 

  • FaZe vs Complexity | 21:00 IST 

  • Cloud9 vs HellRaisers | 00:30 IST