Registrations open for Asian Pro League

Aditya Singh Rawat

1st, Oct, 2018

1st October marks the launch of the Asian Pro League. The ‘soloQ’ player league is a verified pro player hub in Asia on one of the world’s leading CS:GO platforms – FACEIT.

The league will be operated and looked after by the CSGO2ASIA staff along with the recently formed South-East Asia Community League admin team.

The first season has already begun today at 15:00 hrs IST and will continue to run till the end of this month. This season will offer a total prize pool of $1,500 USD with a promise that as we expand, the prize pool will grow bigger and cover division two as well.

Following is the prize pool breakdown: 

Pro-Division [Total = $1000 USD] 

  1. $500 USD 

  1. $300 USD 

  1. $100 USD 

  1. $50 USD 

  1. $50 USD 

Division-1 [Hongkong & Singapore = $500 USD]

  1. $125 USD + An invitation to join the Pro-Division 

  1. $75 USD 

  1. $50 USD

In order to participate in the Asian Pro League, the user is required to be a subscriber. The subscription starts at $4.99/month but a discount is being provided for all first-time subscribers which can be availed by using the following code ‘APLGG2EZ’, which will automatically grant a 50% discount on the first month's payment.

The user can then start their journey in the APL by choosing any one of the available four divisions:

Singapore Server

Hongkong Server 

CSGO2ASIA has also announced that it will not stop its working affiliations with platforms like SoStronk and will continue to deliver high standard of competition in the form of South Asia focused SoStronk neXt platform as well as the APL, focusing on the entire continent of Asia.

Register today by clicking HERE.


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