Regional Qualifier schedule announced for IEM Sydney 2019

Aditya Singh Rawat

10th, Jan, 2019

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The schedule for all the Regional Qualifiers of the third edition of IEM Sydney has been announced along with correction to a small mistake made in its previous announcement, where it stated that out of the 16 teams participating 8 are directly invited while the remaining 8 will make their way through the qualifiers, instead 9 teams are being directly invited with 7 teams coming through the qualifiers.

Qualifier Format

The qualifier will be a combination of both Open and Closed qualifiers.

The Open Qualifiers will be following a BO1, single elimination format with the deciding match-ups being a BO3. The top two teams from each Open Qualifier will qualify for the Closed Qualifier. 

The qualifying teams will be joined by four other direct invites within the Closed Qualifier, which will be following a BO3, double elimination bracket with the Finale being a BO5. 

The winner of the Closed Qualifier will be earning a spot in the IEM Sydney – Main Event.

Qualifier Schedule


  • Open Qualifier #1: 30th-31st January | 18:00 CET 
  • Open Qualifier #2: 2nd-3rd February | 18:00 CET 
  • Closed Qualifier: 6th-8th February  

North America

  • Open Qualifier #1: 30th-31st January | 18:00 EST 
  • Open Qualifier #2: 2nd-3rd February | 18:00 EST 
  • Closed Qualifier: 6th-8th February 

Greater China [China, Hong Kong & Macau]

  • Closed Qualifier: 22nd-24th March 

East Asia [Taiwan, Mongolia, Japan, Republic of Korea & Democratic People's Republic of Korea]

  • Closed Qualifier: 22nd-24th March 

Southeast Asia

  • Closed Qualifier: 22nd-24th March 


  • Closed Qualifier: 12nd-14th April

Qualifier Predictions

Greater China Qualifier

If Tyloo is not announced as a direct invite then surely, they will be a team to look out for making their way through the Closed Qualifiers. Their recent line-up looks really strong with the addition of the explosive Flash duo of Attacker and Summer.

CyberZen who were in fairly good form last year is the closest to causing an upset followed by 5Power. 

East Asia Qualifier

In this region, it is fairly confident to say that everything will boil down to a Grand Finale taking place between MVP PK and GOSU. Though certainly there are underdog teams like Sad Story and Ignis, they lack the experience to defeat these powerhouses, who will be totally focused on qualifying for a showdown in Sydney. 

Southeast Asia

It is uncertain whether the Indian super team Signify CS:GO will be trying out for the qualifiers or not, but they surely have a very good chance of making it through because the SEA region is not being clumped up with the Chinese and the East Asia region.

So, most of the highly experienced and skilled teams have already been filtered out of the qualifier and if Signify can give Bravado such a tough competition within 3 days of the team being announced, I am pretty sure they can give the SEA teams a run for their money considering that the team has now had almost a whole month to train together. 

Surely there will be other tough competitors like Lucid Dream, who qualified through the SEA region for the ESL Pro League 8 – Asia Finals, along with Alpha Red and TNC, both of whom have qualified for the WESG 2018 – Global Finals.

The current team list for IEM Sydney 2019 is as follows: 

  • FaZe – Direct Invite 

  • Renegades – Direct Invite 

  • 7 Slots – Direct Invite 

  • NA Qualifier 

  • EU Qualifier 

  • Oceania Qualifier 

  • Greater China Qualifier 

  • East Asia Qualifier 

  • SEA Qualifier 

  • TBD


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