Reckoning Esports take down LXG Esports and ROG TiTans to move to the Grand Finals

Vignesh Raghuram

13th, Dec, 2018

The ILG Cup Season 2 Grand Finale kicked off earlier today with some of the top teams from across the country battling for supremacy and a whopping prizepool of ?10 Lakh. Signify, ROG TiTans, LXG Esports and Reckoning Esports are the 4 teams who kicked off their journey earlier today.

The first matchups of the Double elimination bracket were Signify vs LXG Esports and ROG TiTans vs Reckoning Esports.


Signify vs LXG Esports

Hometown favourites, LXG Esports took on Signify in the first game of the tournament. LXG Esports lead by Omkar “Pasoll” Urunkar got off to a hot start early on racing off to a 5-0 lead in the kill department and started snowballing.

Whilst Signify had Balaji “BlizzarD” Ramnarayan on his signature Anti Mage who could scale into the late game, Jeet “Swifty” Kundra was on a Rubick, a hero who traditionally doesn’t do well in the late game. With Vedant “Kaneki” Patil on the Tiny and KJ “Mino” Vignesh on the Terrorblade, LXG Esports had the late-game superiority.

LXG Esports used their early momentum to build up quite a lead and managed to overwhelm Signify with their superior late game cores to upset Signify and secure a place in the Upper Bracket Finals.


ROG TiTans vs Reckoning Esports


The next matchup of the day saw ROG TiTans take on Reckoning Esports. ROG TiTans went for their tried and tested Juggernaut on Akshay “ZxC” Dhodi and an Outworld Devourer in the midlane for Harsh “Archmage” Shah. Reckoning Esports, on the other hand, opted for a Minus Armor strategy, going for a Phantom Assassin-Slardar Combo.

They absolutely demolished ROG TiTans’ lineup as the constant initiations from Zapheto on the Rubick with the immediate follow up of the Phantom Assassin-Slardar combo, absolutely crippled ROG TiTans late game, securing a 33 minute victory and sending down ROG TiTans into the lower bracket finals against Signify.


Reckoning Esports vs LXG Esports

With momentum behind their back, Reckoning Esports took on LXG Esports in the Upper Bracket finals. They threw the hammer down in the second game with their carry Divine balling completely out of control. He used his Juggernaut to great effect, almost doubling the networth of the enemy cores and posting a 13/4/10 KDA at the end of the game. If there was ever any doubt about the man’s talent, surely it has disappeared with such a monstrous performance.

Against all odds, Reckoning Esports will now move on to the Grand Finals which will be played on 16th December. LXG Esports will battle it out against the winner of the Signify vs ROG TiTans matchup for another shot at Reckoning Esports.

While many may have expected a Signify vs ROG TiTans matchup, no one expected to see both teams in a lower bracket elimination game. Signify are now just one loss away from being eliminated in an Indian LAN for the first time ever.

Can Signify win 3 series in a row to retain their winning streak in Indian LANs? Or will we see their first ever loss in an Indian LAN?

Stay tuned to AFK Gaming as we bring you the updates from the ILG Cup Season 2.


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